Center for Religion, Law and Democracy

Faculty Development Grants

A central mission of the Center for Religion, Law, and Democracy is to support faculty scholarship and curriculum offerings that enhance explorations of the intersection of religion/values with the culture and public policy. 

The Center for Religion, Law, and Democracy offers grants for faculty development in three categories: a Major Research Grant of $9,000; three Summer Research Grants of $4000; and two Curriculum Development Grants of $2000. In addition, applicants for either of the faculty research grants may apply for an additional $1000 grant to be paid toward a student research assistant associated with the research project.

The Center defines its substantive mission broadly to include issues that touch upon the relationship between religion and/or values and the law, government, public policy or culture, either nationally or internationally. Previous grants have been awarded to faculty in the anthropology, politics, religious studies, foreign languages and rhetoric departments and in the school of education and college of law.

Faculty Major Research Grant

The Center will provide a $9000 stipend for a substantial research project in a subject related to the scholarly mission of the Center. This grant is available to all Willamette University faculty. The goal of this grant is to provide an opportunity and support for a faculty to work to complete a substantial scholarly research and writing project that will result in a scholarly presentation and publication in a scholarly journal or book. (Applicants are encouraged to apply for an additional $1500 grant for a student research assistant.)

Eligibility, Guidelines and Evaluation Material

Proposal Format and Procedures: Please keep in mind that readers of your proposal may be from outside your discipline. Proposals will be reviewed by the Center’s Faculty Advisory Board and approved by the Directors Council of the Centers of Academic Excellence. Evaluation Criteria for Faculty Research Grants: (1) Degree to which proposal engages, in an interrelated way, themes of religion in the culture, in history, in government and/or law, or in public life; (2) Originality of topic and likely contribution to the scholarly literature or discipline; (3) Quality of the proposal with respect to planning and articulation of purpose; (4) Contribution to Willamette University, the larger community, or public policy, and; (5) Any outstanding offer of publication or presentation of proposal. For the Major Research Grant, applicants must demonstrate where the research will be published and how the award is going to be used to meet publishing goals.

Application Materials

Deadline: February 27, 2015 - Proposals should be submitted to Center for Religion, Law & Democracy, Oregon Civic Justice Center (CLOSED)

Contact Information: Steven K. Green, CRLD Director (503-370-6732)

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