Accepted to Study Abroad

USE the application portal to manage your Acceptance and Predeparture processes.

Required documents and instructions for the Acceptance/Commit process are all online in the portal. As in the application phase, you are expected to complete items by specified deadlines in order to move forward. You will see a checkmark next to the items you have done as you complete them. Below is an abbreviated list of steps you will take to fully accept your placement.

Complete Commit/Decline option in the portal

Deadline to Commit/Decline: 28 February 2018

Pay Deposit

Refer to your portal for details. Reminders:

  • Pay at the Cashier's window in Waller Hall.
  • Make checks out to "Willamette University".
  • Contact the Cashier's office (503-375-5308) for any questions about HOW to pay.
  • DEPOSIT POLICY: (PDF) form. Also in your "Documents" section in the portal.

Acknowledge and Read "Accept" materials and agreements for participation as a WU representative

Be aware of what you are expected to know and agree to as a WU participant including circumstances for being pulled from a program (dismissed or administrative withdrawal) and how to withdraw.

Understand the Cost Information for Your Program

Review all cost information on the Willamette Sponsored Programs Cost Matrix. Please note the "explanation of costs" on the first page related to all programs before looking for information about your program. The amounts outlined change OFTEN and are based on the current information that the Office of International Education has. Actual verified amounts will be given to students in their predeparture process.

Apply for Ainsworth International Scholarship

See eligibility details and access the application via the portal. Choose Program Type: Scholarships.  APPLICATION DEADLINE: Friday, March 9, 2018.  This scholarship is open only to WU students on WU Sponsored Study Abroad programs.

Study Abroad Timeline/Checklist

This timeline/checklist will help you know what to expect over the next three to four semesters and you prepare to study abroad, go abroad, and return home.  Students will find this timeline also in their study abroad online portal.

Pre Departure Forms - SEE the current forms that apply to you in the correct term/year in your portal.

For 2016-2017 programs:

Pre Departure Forms that are required by WU are loaded into your Accepted program portal. Monitor your portal messages and Announcements. Monitor your WU email for other instructions.

Information requested by WU and signatory agreements include:

  • Emergency Contact Information
  • Health Information Student Self-Assessment
  • Off-Campus Study Authorization/Release Agreement (signature document)
  • Standards of Conduct Agreement (signature document
  • Health Insurance Information - coverage the student will have while abroad
  • Office of Student Accounts-Release (return this form to Office of Student Accounts, Waller Hall)- student gives permission for another person to access the student's financial information
  • Credit Form - Students list all courses they want to take or could potentially take at their program site in order to get prior credit approval and/or a basic review of what they can expect from their choices.Completed by the end of the semester PRIOR to the program. Instruction on using this form will be given at the Site Specific PreDeparture Meeting. You may receive a specific program form or a "generic form." 
  • Credit Conversion/Equivalency Form
    • Regardless of the courses you take or the amount of credit each course earns, ALL grades from WU Sponsored programs will appear on your official WU transcript.
    • GPA: Credit does NOT count in your WU GPA unless you contact the WU Registrar to ask that they be included in your GPA (again, the grades appear on your transcript no matter what). This request must be made PRIOR to the start of your last semester at Willamette.
    • All or nothing:  If you opt to include the grades in your WU GPA, ALL grades will be counted. There is no option to include some grades only.
This DOES NOT constitute the extent of materials to be completed. Specific programs have unique materials to address their needs. These are disseminated via WU email, the portal, and directly from the programs.

Study Abroad Handbook

2018-2019 Student receive access to a handbook in the online portal after the Commit step.  The handbook should be read before and throughout the experience in order to get information when it is most needed. Includes: Timeline/Checklist, Syllabus information for WU IDS course, health and safety resources, intercultural resources, moving towards a successful return to Willamette, and much more!