IDS 102X (.25) Maximizing the Study Abroad Experience

The goal of the course is to prepare and assist the student in maximizing the learning potential of the study abroad experience as well as award credit for the time and effort necessary in the preparation, culture-learning, and re-entry processes of study abroad.

This course is required for students accepted to study abroad through Willamette University. By accepting placement in a Willamette Sponsored study abroad program you are registering for the course "Maximizing the Study Abroad Experience" IDS102X during your semester abroad. You will receive .25 credits upon completion of the course.

Download your syllabus from the WISE site for specific deadlines and guidelines or look in your Study Abroad Handbook for the syllabus page.

  1. Students must complete a semester abroad.
  2. Students must attend ALL mandatory pre-departure meetings. Absence at any of these meetings will result in dismissal from the study abroad program. The mandatory pre-departure meetings including:
    1. The General Pre-departure Meeting
    2. Health and Safety Meeting
    3. The Language Immersion Tactics session (if applicable)
    4. Whta's the Difference? Intercultural Preparation Seminar
  3. Preparing to study abroad assignment
  4. While abroad assignments
  5. Returning from abroad activities
  6. Willamette Sponsored Programs Study Abroad Evaluation
  7. Re-entry activity- Many descriptions of these events can be found online at
  • The .25 credit will be recorded in the semester of your program.
  • All assignments should be submitted through WISE or to the OIE by email (, mail, fax or dropped off at the Office of International Education (Matthews Hall).
  • At meetings or events where attendance is graded it is the student's responsibility to verify attendance according to instructions given at the meeting or event.
  • Students who elect to take IDS 203 (W) Intercultural Study within Cultural Immersion (1.0) will receive credit for IDS 203 ONLY. (IDS 203 not currently being offered.)
  • Students enrolled in IDS 203 are only required to complete the mandatory meetings (#1) and evaluation (#5) in addition to the IDS 203 requirements. For more information about this course visit (IDS 203 not currently being offered.)
  • Students studying abroad for a full year will receive .25 credit for one semester (students choice) and are only expected to complete each assignment once.


Students should refer to the WISE site for a complete list of assignments and due dates. If there are any questions about the course please contact the OIE at