Go Abroad Again

Do you want to go abroad again, but this time have someone else pay? Contact the Student Academic Grants and Awards (SAGA) for information on and assistance with all types of grants and scholarships. Contact Monique Bourque, Director of SAGA, via email or call 503-370-6413.

Below is a sampling of the opportunities that await you. Find more information on the Student Academic Grants and Awards website.

Before Graduation

Carson Grant

Carson Grants offer Willamette undergraduates the opportunity to undertake a scholarly, creative, or professional research project during the summer. Approximately 10 grants of up to $3,000 are available each year. Students may apply for these competitive grants either as sophomores or juniors. Projects may be creative and artistic, literary, investigative, interdisciplinary, and performative.

Lilly Project

The Lilly Project provides stipends for students for summer research and creative projects related to the exploration of vocation. Grants of $3000 are available to all Willamette University students who will be enrolled the year following the summer in which they receive a grant. Faculty sponsors will receive a stipend of $500. Lilly Summer Research Grants will be awarded to students who propose research or creative projects focused upon the theological, spiritual and/or ethical dimensions of vocation. These grants are not intended to aid students in the experiential exploration of a particular vocation, but rather to support research related to the idea/theory of vocation.

After Graduation

Fulbright U.S. Student Program

The Fulbright Program aims to foster mutual understanding among nations through education and cultural exchanges. Each year the program allows more than 800 Americans to study and conduct research in over 150 countries. You may pursue a one-year degree, simply take classes, teach, pursue independent research, or carry out a creative project.

George J. Mitchell Scholarship

The Mitchell Scholarships were created in 1998 to interest the next generation of American leaders in the island of Ireland. It is hoped that Mitchell Scholars will develop an understanding of the relationship between Ireland and Britain as well as Ireland's relationship with Europe. The universities participating in the Mitchell Scholarships are generously contributing tuition and room for the Scholar. In addition, each Scholar will receive a stipend of $12,000 to cover other necessary expenses for the term of study.

Thomas J. Watson Fellowship Program

The program provides Fellows an opportunity for a focused and disciplined wanderjahr of their own devising--a period in which to have some surcease from the lockstep of prescribed educational and career patterns, in order to explore thoroughly a particular interest. Scholars complete a project that should reflect a candidate's genuine interest in, and long-standing commitment to, a specific concern, whether or not this interest is evident in a formal course of study. The project must be one that can be pursued with great independence and adaptability, and it cannot involve formal study at a foreign institution. It must involve travel to areas where the student has not previously lived or studied for a significant length of time.

Other Resources

Below are a few good resources on international work, volunteer or intern opportunities.  Career Services offers many additional links to resources for international jobs, gap year opportunities and service options as well. 

Transitions Abroad:  Advice, articles and programs for a wide range of international work, volunteer and internships abroad. 

KET Program:  Teaching English in Kawagoe, Japan (WU graduates given priority!)

BUNAC:  Short-term work abroad and volunteer abroad programmes.

GoAbroad.com: Interntional volunteer, intern and teaching opportunities.