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Study Abroad Summer 2018, Fall 2018, Spring 2019

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Tues December 5, 2017


Step 1: Attend Information Session

Check the Upcoming Events dates on upcoming INFORMATION SESSIONS and other study abroad related events. This is REQUIRED before scheduling your individual study abroad advising appointment with OIE.

Step 2: Explore the Office of International Education's website

Research the selection criteria, how to apply, available programs, deadlines and the required IDS 102X Maximizing the Study Abroad Experience (.25) course. Review the elements you will need to complete for your application here.

Step 3: Meet with advisors - We want to help you discover what works for you!

OIE: Come to our office in person to book an appointment with an OIE advisor to discuss programs that fit you and answer questions you have about your study abroad adventure! We are happy to help you make this appointment after you have attended an Information Session.

Academic Advisor: Meet with your academic advisor to discuss courses you may need or want to take abroad. Talk about how studying abroad will fit into your overall degree plan. If you plan to take courses abroad taught in a language other than English, meet with the appropriate WU language department to discuss how the courses would transfer back to Willamette.

Step 4: Start an application

Click on Apply Now! to access the application from specific program listings.  

Step 5: Consider how you will pay for study abroad

Start a plan for how you will pay for study abroad now!

Willamette financial aid: On all Willamette-sponsored programs, you will be billed regular WU tuition and use your usual WU financial aid. If you have any questions or concerns about how your financial aid works for study abroad, contact a WU financial aid advisor.

Study abroad scholarships: Research scholarships EARLY (now is not too early!) to avoid missing important deadlines.

  • Some scholarship deadlines will come before you receive the official approval of your study abroad application.
  • Check the eligibility requirements of each scholarship and contact the scholarship program if you are unsure whether you can apply before you receive final approval from Willamette.
  • Don’t make assumptions without asking! If you wait until you receive your official approval for study abroad, you will likely miss most of the scholarship deadlines.


Check the OIE website - check the Quick links and site links. Attend a General Study Abroad Information Session. Still have questions? contact OIE at