Non-Willamette Programs

Two options for participating in a Non-Willamette Program:

MEET with OIE during fall semester to discuss why you are interested in the program and what financial implications you should consider.

1. REQUEST APPROVAL for WU sponsorship for the program
WHAT: Have you found a program that is not a WU sponsored program that fits your academic needs while a WU program does not?

You have the option to request approval from the Off-Campus Study Committee for a Non-Willamette Program to be considered a WU-sponsored program, for you, on a one-time basis. Your request must be in the form of a WU Sponsored Study Abroad Application.

HOW: Complete a WU Sponsored Study Abroad Application by the deadline. This is the same process used in applying for a sponsored program. WU will only sponsor one semester of a non-WU program.

  • When you enter the WU study abroad application portal, use the program list to find the program called "Non-WU: Request to Approve".
    • Complete the application by the fall deadline.
    • As part of the application, you will be asked to submit specific information about the Non-WU program you are proposing.  
  • POINTS to remember:
    • Support your request: Provide a strong academic case in your application. Include materials that outline the program's course of study and costs where requested. If approved, the program is considered an "Approved as WU" program.
    • Financial considerations: If approved, you will pay WU tuition to Willamette via your student account. WU will pay up to a maximum of $10,300 towards the cost of the Approved as WU program directly to the program, as those costs appear on the standard invoice for that program.
      • This does not include airfare, visa related costs, or other incidental costs related to participation in the program.
      • If the invoiced cost of the program exceeds $10,300, you will be billed the difference via your WU student account.
      • If it is less than $10,300.00, you do not receive a financial credit for the difference.
      • Students are responsible for paying application fees associated with their Approved as WU program.

WHEN: Meet the fall WU Sponsored Study Abroad Application deadline. Late applications are not considered.

2. TAKE A LEAVE for foreign study

WHAT: Pursue study abroad on your own. 

  • Keep your place as a WU student. 
  • You cannot use your WU scholarships or financial aid for foreign study taken while on a leave. Use of other non-WU related financial aid & scholarships is up to the funding providers.
  • Eligible credit transfers back (in most, but not all cases) to WU as transfer credit. Work out exact details with the University Registrar.

WHY: Lots of reasons. We recommend that you have a conversation with the Office of International Education so you can decision on whether to go through WU or go on your own. Do this well before November 1 so you have time before the WU sponsored off-campus/study abroad application deadline.

WHY NOT: If you need specific credit towards a major, minor, or special credit (like MOI, etc.), the credits may not work for you at WU.

  • POLICY to know: It is Willamette's policy not to accept any transfer credit from a partner institution or program while the student is on a leave from Willamette, when a Willamette Program is concurrently operating there.

HOW: If you decide to take a leave, meet with the University Registrar in the Office of the Registrar in a timely manner. This is needed to retain your position as a student at WU. You should also talk to the Office of Financial Aid and your academic advisor and/or major department.

WHEN: There is no "deadline" but care should be taken to make sure you have time to adjust your plans as you learn about how this works.

NOTE:  If you are interested in a study abroad academic program in SUMMER (you will not miss any of the academic semester(s) at WU), consult with the University Registrar to determine if credit you earn is eligible as Transfer Credit.