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What is a Sponsored Program?

All the programs listed on this website are Willamette Sponsored Programs. Willamette programs are either facilitated by Willamette University, a third-party provider, a consortium to which Willamette belongs, or in conjunction with other universities in the case of established bilateral exchanges. Explore programs by language of instruction, location, continent or country.


When participating in a Willamette Sponsored Program, you earn Willamette credits, your grades appear on your transcript and those grades can be counted towards your GPA. You may choose to include all or none of your credits; you cannot choose specific credits to count toward your GPA. If you choose to have your grades factor into your GPA, you must notify the Registrar's office prior to the start of your final semester at Willamette.  

It is important to note that converting credits from foreign universities to Willamette credit is not a seamless process. During the pre-departure process you will be advised on how the Office of International Education, the Office of the Registrar and students work together to make sure the proper credit is awarded. For questions about receiving writing-centered credit for courses taken abroad, visit the Writing Center webpage, item #4: http://www.willamette.edu/dept/wcenter/resource_stu/faq/index.html


Costs for tuition/room/board on sponsored programs are comparable to costs on campus. Students are enrolled full time and are able to use WU financial aid toward program costs. Keep in mind that there will be also be other expenses to consider that are not part of the tuition. These are related to preparing to go abroad; getting there and back; cost of living differences; and taking advantage of being somewhere different by sampling native cultural offerings, to name a few.

Costs are distributed as follows:

Tuition: For all WU-sponsored programs, you will pay regular Willamette tuition. You may use all of your Willamette, federal, state and local financial aid for sponsored programs.

Accommodation and Meals: Please see the information on the Willamette Sponsored Programs Cost Matrix (PDF document) for a detailed explanation of the room and board costs for each program and whether the cost is paid to Willamette or the host university or program. Students pay the cost of accommodation and meals to either a) Willamette and then receive accommodation and meals abroad, b) pay the host university or program directly, or c) a combination of the previous options. See the columns titled “Cost Paid to Willamette", “Housing” and “Meals” for more information.

Study Abroad Deposit: This $300 non-refundable deposit is due when you accept your placement to study abroad on a Willamette Sponsored Program, this fee will be applied to your tuition if you attend the program.

Additional costs are very important to consider! They may include, but are not limited to:
  • a passport (covered directly by student)
  • airfare (covered directly by student)
  • visa or residency permit costs (when applicable; covered directly by student)
  • domestic travel to apply for visa (when applicable; covered directly by student)
  • additional health insurance (often covered directly by student, sometimes included by the program)
  • travel insurance (optional; covered directly by student)

Generally, students spend more money while they are abroad than during a typical semester at Willamette. These costs are usually associated with extra in-country and personal travel, eating out, entertainment, and purchasing gifts and souvenirs. If you would like more information about specific costs of the items mentioned above and/or the general affordability of study abroad, please contact an Advisor in the OIE.

Willamette Sponsored Programs Cost Matrix: This PDF document provides an overview of costs associated with each Willamette Sponsored Study Abroad Program. Please contact the OIE with any additional questions or clarification.

Program Types

Center Based - A Center Based study abroad program takes place at a study center co-located with or independent of a foreign university. Students typically attend courses that focus on a particular topic or academic discipline (languages, Classics, etc.) as well as regional studies topics. These courses are specifically organized for U.S. Americans and other international students. If the program participant has a high level of language proficiency, it is sometimes possible for the student to take one or more courses at the affiliated international university. On Center Based Programs students find support from the staff at the center who, in most cases, work only with the students on the program. For specific information please see each program's page.

Direct Enroll - Students participating on a Direct Enroll program enroll in courses at the partner university with local students. Direct Enroll programs are those which give students the chance to study abroad by "switching" places with a student from a foreign country. Students choose courses from the academic curriculum offered at the partner university. Some courses may require prerequisites or require a certain level of foreign language ability. On Direct Enroll programs students find support from the staff at the host university's International Office and the rest of the university. For specific information please see each program's page.

Hybrid - Students participating in a Hybrid program will be enrolled in one or more program specific courses and will choose their other course work from across the academic curriculum offered at the partner university. On Hybrid programs students find support from the program staff who, in most cases, work only with the students on the program. Sometimes a Willamette University faculty member will be at the host site with the program to teach and/or conduct research. For specific information please see each program's page.

Summer - Summer programs at Willamette University offer students an opportunity to study abroad outside of the academic year.  All offer credit, however each program is structured differently and planned by individual faculty members.  Summer study abroad programs are faculty-led programs of between 3 and 8 weeks duration in the summer. If you are interested in exploring Willamette University's current summer options, please look for "summer" under the Program Types on the program page.  To apply, use the study abroad application portal.  Before starting an application, review what items are part of the application here.  Summer programs have the SAME deadline as semester/fall programs (near the end of fall semester).

Explore programs by category or language of instruction or program type.

If you are interested in any program that is not part of our sponsored programs, please visit the Non-WU Programs page for more information.