What is ISEP?

ISEP programs ARE Willamette Sponsored Programs. ISEP is an international exchange association that enables Willamette students to enroll in universities around the world as exchange students. All information regarding Willamette Sponsored Programs applies to ISEP programs.

Listed here are countries where Willamette students may go as ISEP exchange students. You will see many more countries, but not all of them are available to you as a Willamette student.

Information about ISEP universities, look for universities in these countries only.

Argentina, Austria, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, French Antilles, Hong Kong, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, Netherlands, Nicaragua, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Réunion Island, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, and Uruguay.

Explore ISEP programs by reading the instructions under the How do I look for ISEP Programs? question.

NOTE: The ISEP website gives you the option to enter your home university to see what ISEP universities are available to you. The universities ISEP will produce is not accurate at this time. While on the ISEP site, look for countries listed on THIS WU SITE. If you have questions about others, use your study abroad advising appointment to ask about them.

  1. How is ISEP different than other WU Sponsored Programs?
  2. What is the cost of an ISEP program?
  3. Why should I choose an ISEP program?
  4. How do I apply for an ISEP program?
  5. How do I look for ISEP programs?

1. How is ISEP different than other WU Sponsored Programs?

  • It isn't! All ISEP Exchange(E) Programs are Willamette Sponsored Programs. If you are interested in a site that happens to be offered through ISEP- simply choose "ISEP" as one of the preference lines of your application- just like any other program. See How to Apply for an ISEP program below.
  • All ISEP programs universities are part of the Willamette University Direct Enroll category and work other Direct Enroll programs.
  • ISEP is the organizations that helps arrange your exchange with another university. ISEP universities aren't different than other Direct Enroll programs at Willamette. From a student's point of view there is very little difference except you will see the name "ISEP" on your paperwork.

    (NOTE: When you see the term "ISEP DIRECT" on the ISEP program sites, this means something different than how WU refers to a "direct enroll" program.
    On WU pages: This means you become an exchange student of the host university.
    On ISEP pages: ISEP DIRECT means that it is NOT an exchange program. WU students cannot use ISEP DIRECT programs. See the section below about How to Look for ISEP Programs.

2. What is the cost of an ISEP program?

See the Willamette Sponsored Programs Cost Matrix for information about cost. Like other programs, you will pay Willamette the usual tuition fee. You will also pay Willamette for room and board based on a standard double room and meal plan C. The room and board charges you pay to Willamette cover the incoming ISEP students' living costs. Your living costs abroad will be paid by the outgoing ISEP student from your host university.

3. Why should I choose an ISEP program?

  • ISEP programs gives our students the opportunity to choose from over 100 universities to find a good academic fit.
  • Rarely is there more than one Willamette student at an ISEP university each semester. There are often at least a few other students from the United States.
  • ISEP programs, like all direct enroll programs, are highly recommended for students who have spent time studying, living or traveling abroad; students with little or no international experience can still consider ISEP universities.
  • For each student Willamette sends abroad through ISEP, we receive an international student from one of the ISEP partner universities. The more students we send abroad through ISEP the more international students we have on our campus!

Quotes from former ISEP students:

"The ISEP program helped me step outside my comfort zone in a way I wouldn't have in another type of program."

"Although I was challenged everyday I grew SO much."

"I was able to study abroad because ISEP had so many academic options I couldn't find anywhere else."

"ISEP was great! I met SO many international students from other countries; I was the only U.S. person at my host university."

4. How do I apply for an ISEP program?

  • APPLY using the Willamette Sponsored Study Abroad online application process first. You will not do any application work on the ISEP site or with any outside university until AFTER the acceptance period (mid-February). See the page How to Apply for more details.
  • Complete all elements of the WU study abroad application by the deadline. DO NOTHING FURTHER UNTIL INSTRUCTED TO DO SO BY THE OFFICE OF INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION.
  • The WU study abroad application process allows you to indicate your interest for ISEP locations by country or by individual universities, depending on what is available.
  • AFTER the deadline, the OIE will identify students who have "complete" WU study abroad applications. An OIE advisor guides all students interested in ISEP through an additional ISEP application process. DO NOT DO ANYTHING for the ISEP application until you are asked to do so by the Office of International Education. Do not be intimidated by the ISEP application process - an OIE advisor will support you. For more details, contact an OIE Advisor at oieadvising@willamette.edu.
  • Although an acceptance through Willamette signals that we have chosen you as a good study abroad candidate, it is the ISEP application process that ultimately decides your final site. The ISEP application allows you to identify specific the individual universities for which you would like to be considered.
  • In collaboration with a ISEP university you chose, ISEP will place you in your final site. (Again, this is done via the ISEP application process which happens AFTER the WU application acceptance.)

5. How do I look for ISEP programs?

  • Go to ISEP's website at www.isep.org and click on "Students". (Note: If you use Willamette University as your home university, be aware that all the universities listed may not be available to you as a WU student.)
  • Willamette participates in Exchange programs only. On the ISEP website under "Research Program Types", you are interested in Exchange programs. Willamette does not participate in "Direct". From our end they are still considered "direct enroll programs" but, when you are on ISEP pages, you need to know you are not eligible for Direct programs.
  • Some programs are more competitive than others; this information is available on the program pages. Click the Learn More box on a university's page, then the term in which you are interested. In addition to the website, an OIE advisor can give you a good idea of your chances for being accepted to each program.
  • Not all ISEP programs are open every year. Ask an OIE advisor for more details.
  • An OIE advisor can connect you with an ISEP Ambassador - a student who participated in ISEP.
  • Contact the Office of International Education (oieadvising@willamette.edu) with any questions.