Galway, Ireland


The National University of Ireland, Galway is located on the banks of the river Corrib in Western Ireland. Galway is a modern urban center of 80,000 people that is known to many as a cultural center of Ireland. A Willamette professor accompanies the students to Galway. The WU professor teaches one course to the students as well as leads the excursions. Excursions include Dublin, Northern Ireland and Cork among others.

The Program Faculty Leader for the spring semester 2016 will be Scott Pike, Associate Professor of Environmental and Earth Sciences. The Faculty Leader for the spring 2015 program will be Richard Ellis, Hatfield Professor of Politics. Other Faculty Leaders for this program include Ann Nicgorski (2014, Art History), David Gutterman (2013, Politics), Seth Cotlar (2012, History), Wendy Peterson Boring (2011, History), Todd Silverstein (Chemistry, 2010), Ortwin Knorr (Classical Studies, 2009), Mike Strelow (English, 2008), Mark Conliffe (Russian, 2007), Charlie Wallece (Religious Studies, 2006), Steve Hey (Sociology, 2005), Lane McGaughy (Religious Studies, 2004), Ken Nolley (English, 2003), Myles Jackson (Science Studies, 2002), James Thompson (Art, 2001), and Bill Braden (English, 2000).


While at NUI students take an Irish Studies course equivalent to 1.0 WU credits, a course taught by the WU professor also equivalent to 1.0 WU credits, and two to four additional elective courses. The university has approximately 8,000 full time students and offers a large variety of courses to choose from. This program is highly recommended for most humanities and social science majors. Search for courses available to visiting students on NUI's website.


Students live in campus housing with Irish flatmates. Most students have single rooms and share bathrooms and kitchen facilities with one or more students.


The Galway program is available during the spring semester only. The program starts in early January and exams conclude by mid-May.


Please see the Willamette Sponsored Programs Cost Matrix for detailed explanation of the cost of each program. Students should plan on paying their police registration fee upon arrival to Galway - the registration fee is 150 Euros (2011). A sample budget for meals, books and transportation can be found on the International Affairs Office website.

Other Information

Famous Irish poet Dr. Louis de Paor teaches part of the Irish Studies course.

Pre-departure Resources