Glasgow, Scotland


University of Strathclyde is situated in the heart of downtown Glasgow – the second largest city in Scotland. The university boasts high rankings in many departments among other U.K. universities.


Willamette's exchange partnership is centered around the Strathclyde's Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. Discover more about academics available to exchange students in the Class Catalogue on the Strathclyde website. Because the exchange is rooted through the Faculty of Humanities and Social Science, students can choose from classes in areas such as English, History, Journalism, Politics and Psychology (students should be careful not choose courses from disciplines outside the liberal arts, such as law and education). Unlike at WU, students at Strathclyde take all of their courses from specific departments.


While studying at Strathclyde students live in self-catered flats in the John Anderson Campus Village with other Scottish and/or international students. The flats are located on the Strathclyde campus. Please see Cost below for more information.


The Strathclyde program is available in either the fall or spring semester. Fall semester starts late September and ends late January; spring semester starts late January and ends early June. Finals for the fall semester are in January — students must make arrangements with their professors when they arrive at Strathclyde to take the finals early or when they are back in the U.S. Students must return to the U.S. for the beginning of the Willamette spring semester. Professors are not obligated to allow changes to the finals schedule or location.


Please see the Willamette Sponsored Programs Cost Matrix for detailed explanation of the cost of each program. Information about housing can be found on Strathclyde’s accommodation website. For cost of living information please visit Strathclyde's "Preparing" page.

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