Istanbul, Turkey


Koç University (pronounced "coach") located just outside of Istanbul, Turkey is considered to be among the elite institutions of Turkey. With over 96% of classes taught in English and a focus on well-rounded education in tandem with specialization, Koç is a good academic fit for many Willamette students. Visit the Information for Incoming Exchange Students page on Koç's website for useful information for visiting students.


Priding itself on intertwining social responsibility, interdisciplinary thought and global awareness through the curricula – Koç offers a variety of academic areas suitable for Willamette students. The College of Social Sciences and Humanities has Departments of Archeology and History of Art, English Language and Comparative Literature, History, Psychology, Philosophy, Sociology, and Media and Visual Arts. Go to Koç's website to investigate courses that would fit into your academic schedule. To find course possibilities click on a department name and look for "Courses" link in the left hand navigation bar. The typical workload is 5 courses.


Students will live in double occupancy rooms on either the main campus or the West campus. Information about cost, facilities, and common questions is found on the Housing page on Koç's website.


The direct enroll exchange with Koç University is available during either fall or spring semesters. The fall semester begins mid September and concludes in late December; spring semester begins in January and concludes in June. Please see the Incoming Students page on Koç's website for a more detailed academic calendar. Please note that the academic calendar is likely for the current academic year and not for the semester you will be studying at Koç.


Please see the Willamette Sponsored Programs Cost Matrix for detailed explanation of the cost of each program. More information about expected expenses related to housing and meals can be found on Koç's website.

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