Kawagoe, Japan


Kawagoe is a Japanese city northwest of Tokyo. An Edo-period castle town, it’s known for its old clay warehouses and merchant homes, called Kurazukuri. 

Two unique study abroad programs grew out of a special sister school relationship between Willamette University and Tokyo International University (TIU). The Japan Studies Program (JSP) English Track (E-Track) are located in Kawagoe, a sister city to Salem, Oregon.  


JSP is available to students with any level of Japanese language ability.  Japanese language class sizes are small to assure individual attention. While at TIU, students will select from elective courses taught in English to complement Japanese language classes. Elective course offerings vary each semester so students will need to consult the elective course schedule.  JSP students can also select classes from E-Track with guidance from their advisor.  All Japanese Studies majors (including beginning students) must take a Japanese course the semester prior to studying abroad. Please have a Language Assessment completed as part of your WU application if you have received any Japanese language instruction.  Students with advanced levels of Japanese language may also enroll in TIU coursework while on the JSP.  This is determined by a language placement test taken after arrival at TIU. A Kansai excursion is included for JSP students.  Check out this student blog to see photos and stories from recent JSP participants.

E-Track is available to Willamette students who are interested in a direct enroll experience with students from more than 50 countries. Students choose from courses in the E-Track departments of International Relations, Economics, or General Studies. Recent courses include Sustainable Society, Introduction to International Relations, Microeconomics, Media and Society in Japan.  E-track course descriptions are available on the TIU E-track Academics page.  This list of courses can be used as a guide; some courses will not be available for WU students.  Japanese language experience is not required. Students can take Japanese language, but it is not required.  


JSP students live with host families in Kawagoe where they eat breakfast, dinner and all weekend meals.  Students will purchase lunch on campus. 

E-Track students live in campus residence halls with other E-track students. Most students live in shared rooms. Students purchase their own food in nearby shops or restaurants.   

ATTENTION YEAR LONG JSP and E-TRACK APPLICANTS: housing is not provided during the break (mid-December-early April) between Fall and Spring semester. You must make alternative housing arrangements for the time between Fall and Spring semester.


The JSP and E-Track are available during either fall semester, spring semester, or the full academic year*. The fall semester starts late August and ends mid December; spring semester starts in early April and ends in late July. 

*ATTENTION YEAR LONG JSP and E-TRACK APPLICANTS: housing and meals are not provided during the break (mid-December-early April) between Fall and Spring semester. You must make alternative housing arrangements for the time between Fall and Spring semester.


Please see the Willamette Sponsored Programs Cost Matrix for detailed explanation of the cost of each program.


Freeman-ASIA award:  Freeman Awards for Study in Asia (Freeman-ASIA) provides scholarships for U.S. undergraduate students with demonstrated financial need to study abroad in East or Southeast Asia. Semester awards are up to $5,000 and academic year awards are up to $7,000.

Bridging Scholarship: Scholarships for students going to Japan from the Association of Teachers of Japanese. Award cycles for fall and spring programs. Scholarships range from $2,500 (for a semester program) to $4,000 (year-long programs).

JASSO: This scholarship is allocated for students studying at specific Japanese universities on a yearly basis. It is available for Willamette students going on the JSP program on an very infrequent basis. More information is available on the JASSO website. Ask an OIE advisor for more details about this scholarship's availability.

See the OIE scholarship page for other grants and scholarships available for study abroad.

Pre-departure Resources