Roehampton, England


The University of Roehampton is one of the youngest universities in England and was founded in 2004 when four different colleges located located in London were unified under the name of University of Roehampton. Roehamptons four colleges are: Digby Stuart, Froebel, Southlands, and Whitelands. Digby Stuart, Froebel and Southlands are located on one campus and Whitelands is about 15 minutes by foot away from the main campus. Roehampton has a unique feel and community because of how the campuses are set up. Each of the campuses specializes in a few of the academic areas offered within the Roehampton curriculum.


WU students take University of Roehampton courses at one of the four colleges that comprise Roehampton University. This program is recommended for most majors and course information for exchange and study abroad students can be found on the Roehampton programme webpages. Modules (courses) at Roehampton are divided by academic level (HE1 for first-year modules, HE2 for second-year modules and HE3 for third-year modules).

Please note: Students who will be at Roehampton for an entire academic year may take modules ending in 'A', 'S' or 'Y'. Students who will study at Roehampton during the Autumn term must only choose modules ending in 'A', and students who will study at Roehampton during the Spring/Summer Term must only choose modules ending in 'S'. Some 'Y' modules have been split into autumn and spring components, so they can be taken by students who are only at Roehampton for one term. You can see a list of these modules on the Roehampton website.


Students live self-catered university housing that is co-located with one of the four Roehampton colleges (Digby Stuart, Froebel, Southlands, and Whitelands). Students may also choose to purchase meals in the dining halls and cafes located around the campus. Please see the Roehampton Accommodation Office websites for further information. For a listing of which dorms are located the various campuses please click here.


The Roehampton program is available in either the fall or spring semester. Fall semester starts late September and ends mid-December; spring semester starts mid-January and ends mid-May.


Please see the Willamette Sponsored Programs Cost Matrix for detailed explanation of the cost of each program. More detailed information about accommodation costs can be found on the Roehampton University Accommodation Office website.

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