Valparaíso, Chile (ISA)


Valparaíso is a city of 300,000 inhabitants and is Chile's largest and most active port. It is also the seat of the national congress. Students’ home base is the International Studies Abroad (ISA) office across the street from the main building of Pontífica Universidad Católica de Valparaíso (PUVC). The program begins in Santiago with excursions in and around the nation's capital. Other excursions include trips to one of Pablo Neruda's beautiful and unique homes, La Serena, and the fertile Valle del Elqui.


Students can choose from a variety of courses to take with Chilean students at PUVC. Please note that there are two different types of courses with locals offered at the PUCV -- Regular and General. Regular courses were designed for native Spanish speakers and the majority of students enrolled in them are locals. General courses, on the other hand, were originally designed with international students in mind; they are less challenging, more tailored to students who place into lower levels of Spanish language, worth less credit hours, and generally have more international students than locals enrolled. Spanish language courses for non-native speakers are also an option. Literature, History, Art, Music, Geography, Business and Economics, Psychology, Education, Religious Studies and Science classes are available. To learn more about specific courses available please contact an OIE Advisor at The language prerequisite for this program is Spanish 232 or equivalent - students must take a language course the semester prior to studying abroad.


Students live with host families in either Valparaíso or Viña del Mar, a near-by suburb.

Service Learning

Students with a strong interest in service learning can incorporate a 5-10 hour per week placement along with their program coursework for the duration of the semester. More details about the service learning program are available on the ISA website. Talk with an OIE advisor if you are interested in the service learning option. An additional fee applies to the service learning component.


The Valparaíso program is available during either the fall or spring semester. Fall semester is from mid July to mid December; spring semester runs from mid February to mid July.


Please see the Willamette Sponsored Programs Cost Matrix for detailed explanation of the cost of each program. Students interested in service learning should discuss the additional fee with an OIE advisor.

Pre-departure Resources