Homestay Experience Form

Prepare yourself to be open minded about your placement; every living situation in Granada is a unique insight into Spanish culture.

You may be welcomed into the home as a family member or given more autonomy if treated as a boarder. We encourage students to create expectations of their placements that allow for open mindedness and flexibility. Placements are deliberate and thoughtful, and made with your best interests in mind. All housing request will be considered, however, final placement is at the discretion of the program administration.

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Please describe any dietary restrictions. (If you don't have any, write NONE). Please note that families are not required to meet dietary preferences. Vegetarianism is far less common in Spain than the U.S.

Any allergies you should share with your host family (animals, drugs, food, environment)? Write YES or NO. If YES, please describe your allergies and the severity of each allergies (i.e. discomfort vs. medical attention needed).

Please describe your religious or spiritual affiliation and the frequency in which you attend service.

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Living Preferences
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Roommate Preferences

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If you have a specific roommate preference please enter the name as a mutual request now.

Are there any other factors we should take into consideration regarding your roommate and/or host family placement? For example, do you prefer to share a bedroom that has two beds or have your own bedroom? Please be specific.

Granada Housing Agreement
Please read and consider each section carefully and confirm your agreement by initialing below each sentence. You will receive a copy of this agreement in your Pre-Departure Packet.

I accept full responsibility for any damage or ill I cause during my stay with my host family.

I will make every effort to adjust to living with a Spanish family (with reference to meal times, eating habits, having guests, difference in living standards and common courtesy.)

I agree that I will not have any overnight guests in my program housing arrangement. Any friends or family members must arrange their own separate accommodations.

I agree that I must give two weeks notice to the site director before any change in housing agreements can be made.

I understand that Willamette University, my home university and the site director accept no responsibility for personal matters which may arise between myself and the family with which I am placed.

I agree that in the event that a conflict of grievance arises with the host(s), I will attempt to resolve it with them directly. In the event that a resolution is not achieved, I will contact the site director.

By checking the box labeled "agree" and typing my name I authorize that, to the best of my knowledge, the information I have provided in this application is my own information, that the information is accurate and that the information is complete.