Approved Students

Students who have been approved by their universities to study abroad on the Granada, Spain Program will complete an enrollment process with Willamette University in order to prepare for the experience in Granada. If you have not been approved to study abroad through your host institution please see How to Apply under Program Overview.

This page serves as a guide to the enrollment process for the program. Most required materials will be completed and submitted using the online program portal.  The visa application materials must be submitted in hard copy by mail.  Additional detailed instructions for each of these steps below are found in the online portal.  The Approved Student Application button below will take you to the online portal to begin the enrollment process.

Approved Student Enrollment Overview

Click this button to begin the Approved Students enrollment process for the ILACA Granada, Spain, program.  Use this only if you have already been approved by your home campus to participate in the program. 
Specific due dates for each item will be posted in the online portal.


Sept 7, 2018

STEP 1:  Approved Student Application  (online portal, linked above)

The application and enrollment process will happen within the Willamette University study abroad online portal, linked above. The initial application includes:

  • Granada Enrollment form

  • Two Essays  (one Spanish and one English - you will submit these as part of the Granada Enrollment form in the online portal.)
    • Introduce yourself to your potential homestay family. (Spanish)
    • Describe your goals for your semester studying in Granada. How will you prepare for this cultural immersion experience prior to departure?  (English)

Note: If you have already written essays for study abroad applications that have similar content as these questions, you can use any part of those existing essays to answer these questions.



Sept 28, 2018 

STEP 2: Visa Application Packet Submission  (submit by mail)

You will receive specific instructions in the online portal to compile a Spanish visa application. The application materials must be sent in hard copy by mail to Willamette University by the deadline.



Sept 28, 2018


STEP 3:   Course Selection and DELE pre-test 

Once you submit the program enrollment form and essays from Step 1, you will receive additional forms to be completed in the online portal, including the Course Selection form.  

  • Course Selection form  (online portal)
    Pay special attention to this very important step in the process. It is difficult to change classes after you arrive in Granada.

  • DELE pre-test   (done on your home campus)
    Your home campus coordinator will arrange with you to complete the DELE pre-test. This is used to give the site director a preliminary idea of your language level. The pre-test is not used to determine your language level placement for the program.




Oct 10, 2018


STEP 4:  Predeparture forms and Agreements  (online portal)

Complete these predeparture questionnaires in the online portal

  • Granada Homestay Experience form
  • Granada Self-Disclosure Health form

Read these agreements thoroughly and sign them digitally in the online portal.  These include:

  • Participation Agreement
  • Student Behavior Agreement 
  • Student Academic Guidelines
  • Housing Agreement
  • Spanish Language Agreement 

Students going to Granada for the Fall 2018 semester

These materials linked below are for quick reference.  Participants who are completing the predeparture process should use the online portal to access these materials directly.

Approved Student Packet - Fall 2018  and  Visa application Packet - Fall 2018 

Visa Materials - If you need any additional copies of visa materials please email Amy Nelson Green.

Fall 2018 Predeparture Packet and My Advice from Granada