On this web site you can find practical information you need to know before and after coming here and also a bit about what's going on in Salem. Willamette University was founded in 1842. We have approximately 2,500 students attending at any given time. The University is located at the edge of downtown Salem right across from the Oregon State Capitol.

Willamette University offers a number of interesting areas of education:

Before arriving at Willamette you should make sure that you have:

  • A valid passport
  • Valid visa papers
  • Arrangements for getting to Salem from the airport (we can help you)
  • Confirmed your flight departure and arrival times with the airline
  • The phone number of the person who is picking you up at the airport, just in case your flight is delayed
  • An umbrella or rain jacket
  • Photos from home with family and friends
  • A travel size alarm clock
  • An adaptor plug if necessary, since plugs aren't the same here as in all countries
  • Stuff that makes you feel at home in the room, like pictures and things to hang on the walls, of course nothing that takes up too much space

As an international student, you will be arriving a couple of days before the rest of the student body. This will give you the opportunity to get to know campus before it gets really crowded. The Office of International Education will be having a two and a half day orientation meeting for you that will cover all the practical things you need to know like insurance, job possibilities, housing and meal plans, along with many other things.

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