Health Insurance

Health care is very expensive in the United States, therefore, Willamette University international students and scholars and their dependents are automatically enrolled in a health insurance plan to prevent financial hardship due to expensive medical care.  Students are responsible for the cost of the insurance.

WU Website about insurance: Cost, billing, coverage information links, enrollment, and information about requesting a waiver are available on the WU International Student Insurance website.  New students and returning students are notified via email of the health insurance requirement annually.

Access the PacificSource website via links on the WU page. Contact Pacificsource directly for specific coverage questions for health care and Global Assistance Services (benefits for medical emergency travel). You can do these things from the PacificSource website.

  • Print a health insurance ID card
  • Find a doctor or health center.
  • Read/print information about benefits and coverage including the Student Guide.
  • Read/print information about the global assistance emergency services. (See the section called "Check out free extras")
  • Contact PacificSource directly, including by email or phone.
  • Get claim forms.
  • Sign up to retrieve your information online and by email.