Chicago Summer 2018


Summer programs offer students an opportunity to study abroad/away outside of the academic year. All offer credit, however each program is structured differently.  The Chicago Center for Urban Life and Culture (CCULC) offers the diverse city of Chicago as the setting for an eight week program. Students enter into internships in their vocational field of choice. Housing in a CCULC-controlled brownstone apartment in Hyde Park that is typically shared by 8-10 students and a meal stipend is provided as part of the program cost.

To Apply: Use the Willamette study abroad application portal. The program name is Summer U.S. - Chicago. The deadline is December 5, 2017 for summer 2018 participation.

CHICAGO SUMMER PROGRAM:  "Summer 1" goes from June 6-August 1, 2018 (subject to change).

Notes about the internship: The center has networked with over 300 different organizations to offer a broad support system and to ensure your successful placement within the community. Students in the summer program will receive assistance from CCULC staff but students should be aware that they will be contacting companies to arrange their own interviews for placements. Resource lists of past placement sites will be provided to students, but students are also encouraged to find their own placement locations as those provided may not cover all of the possible interests of students coming to the center. Previous student participants have said it helps if students begin looking for internships and contacting companies in advance of arrival to the Chicago Center and to understand that you will be expected to complete the internship search process within the first week of arrival. If you have questions about the internship, you are encouraged to email or contact CCULC staff. student doing internship

The Chicago Center for Urban Life and Culture (CCULC) is located in Hyde Park. See an interesting video to entice you here!  This area within the city was highlighted in a 2012 article in American Way magazine. A time lapse view of Chicago is available here.

** After acceptance by WU, students will complete a supplementary CCULC application and pay a $50 CCULC application fee. The CCULC application IS NOT required by December 5, 2017. You will be directed on when and how to submit the CCULC application AFTER the WU selection process has been completed (in spring 2017) and after you have been notified of your acceptance. **



Chicago, Illinois - U.S.


CCULC faculty


Earns 2 credits: IDS 343, Field Studies in Chicago (1 cr.) and IDS 395, Chicago Internship (1 cr.).


The CCULC "Summer 1" program runs from June 6-August 1, 2018. Students accepted into the program will receive specific arrival instructions. DO NOT book a flight until you are directed about arrival after your initial orientation in spring 2018.

Costs paid to WU

The 2018 summer program cost is tentatively set at $7,130 (the portion paid to WU). The program cost covers WU tuition, CCULC academic instruction and internship oversight, excursions, transportation passes, housing in a CCULC-controlled brownstone (8-10 students per apartment; most bedrooms in the apartments are shared occupancy), and a meal stipend. The rest of your meals will be covered by you directly- see Excursion Lunches below. Airfare to and from Chicago is not included.

Costs paid directly to the Chicago Center

CCULC application: Students who are accepted complete a secondary application for the Chicago Center AFTER they accept their placement. An online application fee of $50 will need to be paid to the Chicago Center when submitting the CCULC application.

Housing Security deposit: Students pay a $100 refundable housing security deposit to the Chicago Center upon arrival.

Excursion lunches- "City Activity Expense": Participants visit various city locations as part of the program. The cost of meals (lunches out) during these program activities is NOT included in fees paid to the Chicago Center or Willamette. In addition to all other costs, students should plan to have a total of $200 available to them while in Chicago for this purpose.

Information Session: Please see events page for list of study abroad information sessions.

For more information, contact (WU Office of International Education) and the Chicago Center website.