Greenery Donation Sheet

Every year, we set the atmosphere of our Lu‘au by recreating the scene of Polynesia in our Cone Fieldhouse. The entrance, stage, tables, and walls are decorated with fresh greenery donated from friends and family in Hawai‘i and Oregon. We also use ti leaves and fresh flowers to adorn our stunning dancers. With your help, we can bring paradise to Willamette University!

Here is a brief list of our most-used and most resilient plants in order of preference:

  • Ti leaves
  • Monstera
  • Heleconia
  • Ginger (pink or red, not white)

Passing US Department of Agriculture Inspections:

The donation process for greenery is marginally more work-intensive due to the US Department of Agriculture regulations.

  1. WASH. Greenery and flowers should be thoroughly washed, free of dirt, moss, pollen, and bugs. If there is any foreign residue or insects, the USDA may reject the entire shipment.
  2. PACK. All donations must be boxed with plastic sheeting/bags to prevent any water from leaking out and damaging other dry goods in the cargo container. Boxes should be closed,but not sealed with tape or string. The USDA inspector(s) need to look through everything and to do so, need to open each box.
  3. INSPECT. This may only be possible if you already work through the USDA through a farm, nursery, or florist: We would sincerely appreciate donors arranging for USDA inspection prior to dropping off greenery. Inspected boxes have a stamp or sticker outside the container. This saves time for our parent Island Chairs from opening all the boxes and minimizes time to load our container.
  4. DROP OFF your cleaned and boxed donations at the airport (see donation sheet for more details) or arrange a time with your Island Chairs.

Again, any donation of this sort is greatly appreciated by both all the Lu‘au participants and our guests who may never see some of these beautiful plants other than at our Lu‘au. Please encourage your friends and neighbors to donate as well! Even just a few flowers can make a difference.

Additionally, we would greatly appreciate it if you could communicate to us the type of foliage you hope to donate. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Gordon Toyama or any of the Overall Chairs. All their contact information is available in the main letter.


  • We are required to have all donations shipped through cargo in boxes, including foliage.
  • Foliage MUST be washed thoroughly. In past years we have been unable to receive donated greenery that failed agricultural inspection.

Mahalo nui loa!