The Willamette Pledge

As a Member of the Willamette University Community:

  • I believe that every student, faculty and staff member contributes to the diverse identities and life experiences that compose our campus community;
  • I believe that that it is my responsibility to strive for a safe, inclusive environment, one free of hate and prejudice on our campus;
  • I believe that my thoughts and behaviors can either move us toward or away from respect, understanding and a more inclusive campus;
  • I believe that it is my responsibility to address intentional and unintentional instances of hurt, prejudice, hate and stereotypes.


  • I will strive to educate myself through an on-going process of self-examination of my personal beliefs and community dialogue and interaction;
  • I will,with intention strive to seek out, respect, understand and support the many identities of Willamette community members, thereby validating experiences that are different than my own.
  • I will strive daily to be more aware of my thoughts, actions, and inaction and will hold myself accountable for my impact on individuals in the community, in furtherance of Willamette University's motto: “Not unto ourselves alone are we born.”

Call to Action:

In signing this Pledge, I agree to strive to carry out my responsibility in the continual process of self-reflection and engaging of others in the pursuit of a more understanding, respectful, and accepting community.