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Halloween mask leaves Oregon students outraged

by Meghan Kalkstein
October 16, 2009

Illegal Alien Costume SALEM, Ore. -- A Halloween mask sold near the Willamette University campus has sparked outrage among students, who are calling them racist and dehumanizing.

The mask depicts an illegal immigrant. The students say they also found a number of offensive masks, not just poking fun at immigrants, but directed at other minorities as well.

The students say that so far, they have found the masks sold in Toys R Us, Target and the Lancaster Spirit Halloween Store in Salem. They are trying to get the masks recalled.

The Spirit Halloween Store began received complaints about the masks Wednesday. The manager made the decision to stop stocking the masks after the very first call. The students hope other retailers will follow suit.

"It's offensive because it takes these certain groups of people and compares them to these monsters and demons that are scary on Halloween. And it compares them to that," Student Nilo Thomas said.

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