How Do I Get To & From The Airport?

The ASWU Shuttle Program is an affordable and convenient way for students to get to PDX without having to pay for a more expensive 3rd-party shuttle service or a taxi.

Shuttles are available to and from PDX for Thanksgiving Break, Winter Break, Spring Break, and leaving Willamette for Summer Break. Below you can find information on the shuttle schedules and communications. Ticket prices are determined by need. We subsidize the cost for students, so they should expect to pay in between $5-15 for the shuttle. Prices will be advertised in the sign-up e-mail.

Buses take students directly from campus to Portland International Airport and vice versa. The pick up/drop off spot at campus is the Chicken Fountain. The pick up spot at PDX is Island 2 to the far right.

Fall 2017 Shuttle Schedule:

Thanksgiving Break Departing Willamette. Expect to arrive at PDX approximately 1.5 hours after departure time.
11/17/17 - 4:30pm
11/18/17 - 8am & 12pm

Returning to Willamette.
11/25/17 - 4:00pm
11/26/17 - 1pm & 4:00pm

Sign Up Schedule:

Thanksgiving Break
Week of 10/13 E-mail signups go out.
SIGN-UPS CLOSE FRIDAY 11/3, last day to cancel with refund.