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Opening Days

Welcome to Willamette's student orientation program!

Opening Days is more than just your typical incoming student orientation. One hundred percent student-run, the program is planned each year by current Willamette students who, just a few years back, were incoming students themselves. This year’s Opening Days Coordinator (that would be me, hello there!) and Lead Team have been working hard to design the program we believe will give the Class of 2021 the best introduction to the Willamette community.

Everything we do during Opening Days is for the purpose of providing incoming students the tools and resources they may need throughout their first semester at Willamette. The 60+ Opening Days Leaders are all excited to share their knowledge and experience, as well as serve as a mentors, resources, and friends even after Opening Days comes to an end and the first semester of college officially begins.

On behalf of the 2017 Opening Days community, we wish you a wonderful year. We are so very excited to welcome you to your new home in August! Mark your calendars, because you know we have!

Your 2017 Opening Days Coordinator and Lead Team,

Holly Walsh ’18, Callum Johnston ’19, Allie Kerkhoff ’19, Katie LaChasse ’19, Jonny Louangrath ‘19

About the OD program

A student-run, five-day program of activities which not only challenges students both academically and socially but also gives parents the opportunity to learn more about the university and the transition their child will be making.

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Opening Days Leaders

Assist new students during Opening Days, as well as being responsible for facilitating all the events and programs that occur during Opening Days. Every leader is a member of one of the OD committees, each responsible for planning different events.

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Opening Days Check-in

On Aug. 23 from 8 a.m. to 10:00 a.m., all new students and their families need to pick up an Opening Days packet. This packet will include a complete schedule for Opening Days with locations of events and additional information.

Check-in will be in the Montag Den.

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