Get a Jump Start

If you just can't wait to get to college, Willamette invites you to "being before the beginning."

These Jump Start opportunities will enable you to meet other new students, explore the scenic beauty of the Pacific Northwest, and lend a helping hand in your new community in a smaller, more intimate setting before the Opening Days orientation involving all new students.

Learn About Each Program

  • Ohana - Become part of the Willamette Family in this program centered around student resources on campus and in the community, with emphasis on multicultural issues.
  • Service, Leadership & Sustainability - Serve your new community in sustainable ways and hone your leadership skills along the way.
  • Steppin' Out - Explore the Pacific NorthWest and go adventuring through Oregon.

Quick Facts

  • Dates: Saturday August 19th - Wednesday August 23rd
  • Cost: TBD
  • Program applications open June 14, 2017. Applications will take place on this website.