Opening Days 2013

Nearly 560 incoming students arrived on campus last week, determined to settle into new routines at Willamette University.

The students represent 28 states and five countries. About 36 percent report being multicultural and 22 percent are first-generation college students. Their median GPA is 3.72, and 31 were ranked first in their high school graduating classes.

As part of their orientation, new students are touring campus, moving into their residence halls, attending lectures and exploring the region through group-led activities.

  • Call of the Wild
    Call of the Wild

    Incoming students gathered at Willamette University before partaking in day hikes throughout the region. Groups visited Cape Lookout on the Oregon Coast and Triangulation Peak near Mount Jefferson. They also went white water rafting down the White Salmon River in Washington.

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  • Step by Step
    Step by Step

    Through Steppin' Out, an orientation activity for incoming students, students participated in one of three day hikes in the region. Here, they discover the beauty of Cape Lookout along the Oregon Coast.

  • Exploring the Oregon Coast
    Exploring the Oregon Coast

    Students got a bird's eye view of migrating whales while hiking at Cape Lookout along the Oregon Coast.

  • Moving Day
    Moving Day

    Many members of the Willamette community helped carry boxes for new students, who recently moved into their residence halls on campus.

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  • Parental Guidance
    Parental Guidance

    Parents toured campus and participated in activities with their students as part of Opening Days.

  • Bonding Activities
    Bonding Activities

    Opening Days leaders welcome new students through playing games on campus — one of which leaves them tied up in a knot of tangled limbs.

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  • Matriculation Ceremony
    Matriculation Ceremony

    During the matriculation ceremony, students place lit candles into the Mill Stream to signify the start of their journey at Willamette University.

  • Game Time
    Game Time

    Incoming students play games of Frisbee and volleyball at Bush's Pasture Park as part of the Passport to Salem orientation program.

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