2010 Awards

The Campus Life Honors and Awards is an annual tradition where more than 100 students, faculty and staff are recognized and honored for their outstanding contributions to the various areas of campus life.

Greek Life

G. Herbert Smith Award

  • Christian Eickelberg


Greek Man of the Year

Winner: Paul Eldred

  • Paul Eldred '10
  • Major: Politics
  • Hometown: Eagle River, Alaska

Greek Woman of the Year

  • Caitlin Rathe '10
Panhellenic Council

Outstanding Contribution to Greek Life

Winner: Christian Eickelberg

Student Activities

Outstanding Program or Event

Wulapalooza Fall Concert

Outstanding Student Organization Advisor

  • Jennifer Johns

Outstanding Student Organization

Alternative Agriculture Community

Tokyo International University of America

Outstanding Contribution to Willamette

TIUA Community

Winner: Joanie Anderson

  • Alicia Maggard '10
  • Major: History and Classical Studies


Franklin D. Meyer Student Ambassador Award

  • David Bernstein '10
  • Major: Psychology
  • Lynsey Harrison '10
  • Major: English
  • Sabrina Kawana '11
  • Major: Politics
  • Hometown: Mililani, HI

Winner: Kaitlin Rice

  • Kaitlin Rice '11
  • Major: Rhetoric and Media Studies
  • Hometown: Boise, Idaho


Colonel Percy Willis Prize

Winner: Jillian Toda

  • Jillian Toda '12
  • Major: Rhetoric and Media Studies

Daniel H. Schultze Award

Winner: Chelsea McLennan

Winner: Doug Rice

  • Doug Rice '10
  • Major: Biochemistry

Frank Meyer Student Life Award

Winner: Ben Clanton

  • Ben Clanton '10
  • Major: Anthropology

Jessie E. West Award

  • Sabrina Kawana '10
  • Major: Politics
  • Hometown: Mililani, HI
  • Lucille Muli Kituku '11

Dean of Campus Life

Dean's Special Recognition Award

Winner: Nichole Wallace

Winner: Kirstin Maki

  • Kirstin Maki
  • Major: English

Bishop Wellness Center

Outstanding Contribution to Campus Wellness

  • Kristine Jannssen '10

Campus Recreation

Willamette Store Outstanding Female Intramural Athlete of the Year

  • Nelya Drofyak '09
  • Major: Chemistry

Willamette Store Outstanding Male Intramural Athlete of the Year

Winner: Lee Jorgensen

Community Service Learning

Outstanding Leadership Award

  • Emily Johnson '12

Outstanding Service Collaboration

Willamette Students for Haiti
  • Karina Hoogstede '12
  • Major: Politics
  • Hometown: Poulsbo, Washington
  • Violet Martin '11
  • Major: Comparative Literature and the History of Ideas
  • Hometown: East Wenatchee, Washington

Honor Society

Hank Althoff Award

Mortar Board

Winner: Dee Dee Enquist

Office of International Education

International Community Recognition Award

  • Evelyn Martinez '10
  • Caitlin O'Neil '10

Winner: Jan Taborsky

  • Jan Taborsky '10
  • Major: Economics

Winner: Aimee Walton

Residence Life

Exceptional Contribution to Residential Community

  • Reynaldo Goicochea '13

Winner: Megan Neish

  • Megan Neish
  • Bradley Eckerson

Extraordinary First Year Student

  • Marshall Curry '12
  • Major: Undecided
  • Hometown: Springfield, Oregon

Winner: Emily Moore

  • Emily Moore ’13
  • Major: American Ethnic Studies
  • Hometown: Eatonville, Washington

Winner: Alzada Roche

  • Alzada Roche

Outstanding Contribution to Residence Hall Government

  • Alexis Gilbert '13
  • Hometown: Seattle, Washington

Winner: Hannah Moser

  • Hannah Moser '13
  • Major: English and Biology

Winner: Colby Takeda

  • Colby Takeda '11
  • Major: Exercise Science
  • Hometown: Mililani, Hawaii

Financial Aid

Katie Redmond Memorial Scholarship

Winner: Emily Dickey

  • Emily Dickey '11
  • Major: Anthropology

Sara Bingay Schultz Scholarship

Winner: Lily Busher

  • Lily Busher '11
  • Major: Spanish

Taul Watanabe Scholarship

Winner: Angela Fuji

Winner: Jillian Toda

  • Jillian Toda '12
  • Major: Rhetoric and Media Studies

Winterscheid Scholarship

  • Colin Cushman '12
  • Lindsey Falkenburg '11


Charles A. Sprague Award

  • Behzod Sirjani '10
  • Major: Rhetoric and Media Studies

George Putnam Award

  • Colleen Martin '10
  • Major: English

Timothy C. Hawkins Award

Winner: Colby Takeda

  • Colby Takeda '11
  • Major: Exercise Science
  • Hometown: Mililani, HI

Office of Multicultural Affairs

Outstanding Contribution to Multicultural Affairs

Winner: Jessica Meyers