Leadership Resources

Below is a list of resources compiled by the Leadership Consultants. Looking for more information? Contact us to schedule an appointment or borrow a book our Leadership Library (located in the Office of Student Activities).

  • Student Organization Update Form

    This form is currently disabled. New executive leadership? New advisor? New club name? Submit this online form to keep us informed of changes (this information will go to Student Activities, Accounting, Scheduling, and others).

  • Finance 101: How to Receive and Use ASWU Funding

    Are you confused about the whole funding process works? Is it unclear when and how you receive your funding? If so, please look to our reader- friendly cheat sheet detailing the finance process and its approximate length.

  • 24 Hour Time Planning Sheet

    If you're wanting to start some thought about how you can manage your time better, check this sheet out! It's a valuable resource to help organize and prioritize the essentials in your daily life. Whether it's planning ahead what your ideal week looks like or going through your week and seeing what important things seem to be missing, this will prompt some new ideas for you. Talk to a Leadership Consultant specifically to see what else you could do with this sheet.

  • Effective Meetings

    Do your meetings have a tendency to be dull, unproductive, disorganized and too long? With proper planning and preparation, any meeting can be effective and enjoyable. View this document for some tips to help you make your next meeting successful, productive, and fun.

  • SMART Goals

    Setting goals is essential for any club or organization to run effectively, but creating SMART goals is what makes the difference. Every goal should be: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely. Check out this worksheet to learn more about SMART goals.

  • Student Organization Handbook

    This is a great resource for anyone that's involved in a student organization. There is so much information packed in this handbook such as how to plan an event, areas to reserve on campus, contact info for resources, etc. There are also hard copies of this handbook in the Office of Student Activities!

  • Student Organization Orientation PowerPoint

    Did you attend a Student Organization Orientation and didn't get a chance to write down all the information? Here is the PowerPoint that the Leadership Consultants presented. If you have any questions or need additional information, please feel free to contact an LC.

  • Successful Event Planning

    View this interactive PowerPoint presentation if you want to learn the ins and outs of planning a successful event! The PowerPoint includes a helpful timeline, reserving a space, budgeting, entertainment, and everything in between.

  • Time Management Forum Presentation

    The Leadership Consultants put together a survey in 2014 concerning time management and Google calendar tips - the results of which were compiled and presented with this presentation.

  • Transition Template Document

    Looking to have a smooth transition between officers? This is a great place to start! This document will ensure that you've thought about everything possible to include in a transition.