Leadership Opportunities

Student Activities, in collaboration with the other offices in Student Involvement, advises many student leaders throughout Willamette. Check out the various leadership opportunities available through our offices below.

Associated Students of Willamette University (ASWU)

ASWU is the student organization designed to oversee student life at Willamette and serves as the primary source of student advocacy on campus.

President – Jack Wellman
Vice President – Joseph Landoni
Treasurer – Dana Morita

Senate Representatives:
Senior – Anna Carlin, Todd Denning, Luz Reyna, Andrea Risolo, and Kate Steffy
Junior – Michael Chen, Joseph Landoni, Derek Lund, Dusan Pekich, and Jack Wellman
Sophomore – Conrad Bormann, Nathaniel Dausman, Gianina Lyons, Akerah Mackey, and Adrian Uphoff
Freshman – Kotma Anjain, Kylah Clay, Grace Gautereaux, Johnson Pham, and Colin Troesken
ASP - Miyano Sato

Judicial Board:
Elizabeth Borrego, Madison Brown, Josephine Buchwald, Danielle Henderson, and Quinlynn Manfull

ASWU Sound:
General Manager – Nastja Nykaza

Blitz the Bearcat

Blitz the Bearcat is the official mascot of Willamette University.  The mascot program is student program managed by the Blitz coordinator.

Manager: Katie Gavares

Bike Shop

The Bike Shop provides the campus with short and long terms bike check outs, maintenance and repairs, and information and education about bike safety/advocacy. 

Bike Shop Coordinator:

David Medema

Bistro Willamette

The Bistro is a student-run cafe which serves as a gathering place for students, faculty and staff. Day-to-day management of the Bistro is handled by student managers. Applications are available as positions become available.

General Manager – Layla Tahmassebi
Finance Manager – Sydney Wilson
Kitchen Manager – Maddy Aichele

Campus Life Honors and Awards

Chair: Taylor Coggeshall

Class Council

Class Council is a group from each class year that gets a budget to spend on social and educational programs to help their class build bonds and develop class unity. Anyone can join their Class Council at any time throughout their 4 years at WU! Contact Kyle Flowers for more information.

Class Council Chairs:
2017 – Taylor Barfield
2018 – Daniella Kim
2019 – Hannah Goodwin
2020 – Shannon Lee

CSL (Community Service Learning)

CSL coordinators support the work of the Office of Community Service Learning, raise awareness of social justice issues, provide opportunities to address these issues through service in the community, and foster a cooperative spirit between Willamette and the surrounding community.

Lead Coordinator:
Cheyenne Boon

Brenna Anderson
Maeve Axtell
Margo Coxon
Rebecca Koltin-Shaw
Juliana Kushinka
Anna Landgren
Tashana Mithen
Olivia Orosco

ASP Coordinators:
Chihana Imai
Daisho Kato
Taku Sato

Club Approval and Finance Committee

The Club Approval and Finance Committee is one of the ASWU Senate committees. The fundamental mission of ASWU is to facilitate the growth of a healthy, diverse, and sustainable community of student organizations at Willamette. The Club Approval and Finance Committee is committed to improving the infrastructure of student organizations by helping new groups focus their visions and improve upon their weaknesses.

This committee's primary purpose is to evaluate the affiliation materials (Affiliation Form, Petition of Interest, and Constitution and Bylaws) of newly forming student organizations. In its evaluation process, the Club Approval and Finance Committee provides feedback, suggestions, and resources to newly forming student organizations. Once the affiliation materials have been reviewed and revised to their satisfaction, this committee has the authority to recommend new groups to ASWU Senate for official recognition as student organizations.

For more information contact ASWU Treasurer, Dana Morita.

Family Weekend

Family Weekend staff creates, plans, coordinates and attends all events during this program each fall semester.

Fall 2017 Co-Coordinator: Asalia Arauz
Fall 2017 Co-Coordinator: Erica Noble

Fraternities at Willamette

The fraternities below are listed with their current president. For more information, see Greek life.

Phi Delta Theta:
President – TJ Rutter

Kappa Sigma:
President – Scott Richter

Sigma Alpha Epsilon:
President – Mikael Ruffin

Sigma Chi:
President – John Gray

Beta Theta Pi:
President – Miles Smith

Intramural Sports

Serving as an IM rep is one way to start building recreational leadership skills. The IM activities program also hires and trains students to work as intramural referees, scorekeepers and timekeepers. If you like sports, like to have fun, and want to enhance your leadership and assertiveness skills, this is the job for you. Students with work-study eligibility are encouraged to apply.

Intramural Coordinator:
Matt Logan

Intramural Supervisors:
Rachel Fischer
Tynan Gable
Ibraheem Hafuda
Shay Hannigan-Luther
Jordan Jenkins
Hannah Lea
Jake Wiegand
Katie Pierson

Interfraternity Council (IFC)

IFC is the governing body for the men's fraternities, composed of elected representatives from each of Willamette's fraternities.

2016 Officers:
President – Derek Kennedy
VP Administration – Ty O'Donnell
VP Recruitment – Kevin Martz
VP Programming – Chris Colip
VP Public Relations – Sanjay Kapila

Student Activities Interns

The Student Activities Interns are here to help student organizations and their leaders succeed. They have experience with running and being a part of a variety of student groups. They are here to offer resources, support, training, guidance, and help with problem solving. You can find them on the 2nd floor of the UC (see the Student Activities Interns page for hours) or email them at sa-interns@willamette.edu.

Student Activities Interns:
Paige Baker 
Liz Hartman 
Phoebe Wagner 

SLS (Service, Leadership & Sustainability)

SLS Leaders assist new students in doing community service in Salem and surrounding areas during the week-long Jump Start program in mid-August. The team leads evening activities and reflection, encouraging students to bring meaning to their experiences and their role in the Salem community.

2016 Leaders:
Shawn Cichosz
Zach Dyne
Rosalind Fraser
Duong Mai
Donald Swen

Outdoor Program

Located int the Montag Center, the Willamette Outdoor Program is a fantastic resource for the Willamette community to connect the varied and great aspects of the Pacific Northwest. We provide a variety of services that help students, faculty and staff through guided outings, gear rental and connection to related local events. We can even assist you in planning your own outings!

Outdoor Program Coordinator:
Grace Graham
Andi DiBiase

Outdoor Program Leader Instructors:
Katie Gavares
Lydia Vanderburg

Outdoor Program Staff:
Madelyn McClure
Derek Lund
Courtney Ibabao
Tim Lee
Elena O'Shea
Robyn Burnside
Kate Matthews
Marta Olejniczak

Opening Days

The Opening Days staff facilitates the adjustment of each year's entering class to academic and campus life at Willamette during a five-day orientation program. Opening Days Coordinator and Leadership Team applications available in November and Leader applications available in January.

2017 Lead Team:
Coordinator - Holly Walsh
Callum Johnston
Allie Kerkhoff
Katie LaChasse
Jonny Louangrath

Panhellenic Council (PHC)

Panhellenic Council is the governing body for Willamette's three sororities. The PHC Executive Council is comprised of six executive officers, who create and oversee programs for all of the sororities - President, Vice President of Recruitment, Vice President of Programming, Vice President of Public Relations, Vice President of Risk Management, and Vice President of Administration. Applications are available in February of each academic year to be considered for these executive officer positions.

2016 Officers:
President – Sarah King
Vice President of Recruitment – Ellie Lottsfeldt
Vice President of External Programming – Sarah King
Vice President Internal Programming - Mia Carranco
Vice President of Public Relations – Holly Peterson
Vice President of Administration – Layla Flint

Sororities at Willamette

The sororities below are listed with their charter year and current president. For more information, visit Greek life.

Alpha Chi Omega (1944):
President – Kaitlyn Pierson

Alpha Phi (2015):
President - Tynan Gable

Delta Gamma (1945):
President – Miranda Martin

Pi Beta Phi (1944):
President – Madison Roberts 

TaB (Take a Break)

Take-a-Break is a student-run alternative break program that sends groups of students, faculty, and staff to communities throughout Oregon and the United States to learn and serve. Student facilitators and coordinators play active roles in the development and support of TaB trips.

Jessica Meza-Torres

Assistant Director:
Alexis Jimenez

Tiger Club

Tiger club invites Willamette volunteers to provide after-school mentoring and tutoring to students at near-by Bush Elementary. Opportunities are available for Willamette students to serve as tutors as well as coordinators for the program.

Sofia Noorzad
Tessa Konik

Willamette Events Board (WEB)

Student leaders plan activities and events for the entire campus community. Through this experience students gain valuable leadership skills, make new friends, and have lots of fun.

Carolina Woodcock

Vice President:
Kayana Barriger

Malea Kirkland

Awareness, Discussion, & Dialogue:
Madison Brown, Diana Marques Guerro

Campus and Social Events:
Jack Livingston, Jaelin Sonada

Marketing Team:
Kelly Toledo and Mallory Kennaday

Performing Arts:
Lina Woodcock, Nebraska Lucas, and Te'a Cole

Annual Events:
Kayana Barriger and Malea Kirland

ASP Ambassador:
Misaki Mochizuki

Wellness Program

The Wellness Program provides a variety of ways to engage in healthy life choices.  Programs, information, and education are provided in exercise, nutrition, and rest.  Students can sign up/train for a 5k run, take a cooking class, get a personal trainer, enroll in a group exercise class, or engage in the many formal and informal programs!

Wellness & Fitness Program Coordinator:
Nolan Douglass

Personal Trainers:
Kinsey Keene
Teneah Rushen
Sophia Wax

Wellness Program Staff:
Mikayla Carias
Marley Duncan
Amanda Fong
Elmer Hamidy
Kaylen Higa
Niko Morozov
Eric Del Prado
Matthew Wei
Nicole Wheeler