Opening Days 2016 Check-in Schedule

Opening Days Check-in

On Aug. 25 from 8 a.m. to 10:00 a.m., all new students and their families need to pick up an Opening Days packet. This packet will include a complete schedule for Opening Days with locations of events and additional information. Check-in will be in the Cat Cavern, second floor of the Putnam University Center.

We recommend that you park your car in the lot closest to your residence hall and then pick up your packet, residence hall key and get your photo ID card picture taken.


Permits are not required on campus during Opening Days weekend. However, all city parking meters will be enforced. Please consult the Opening Days Parking Check-in map for the most convenient parking lot to facilitate the move-in process. (This map will be updated to reflect the 2016 move-in process during the summer)

Driving Directions

Traveling north or south on I-5, take the North Santiam Highway exit (#253) and turn west onto Highway 22 (Mission St.). Follow Mission St. approximately three miles to the railroad overpass and take the exit marked "Willamette University." Stay in the left lane as the exit divides. Immediately ahead on your right is the Willamette University campus. The first right turn after the intersection of 12th and Bellevue Streets is the entrance to the main University parking lot.

Air Transportation

Portland International Airport (PDX) is 65 miles north of Salem. HUT Shuttle Service offers trips every 90 minutes between the Salem Red Lion Hotel and Portland. Prepaid reservations are required to guarantee your seat! Seating without a prepaid reservation will not be available. The student cost is $33 one way. For more information and reservations, contact HUT at 503-364-4444 or

Train Transportation

Amtrak offers daily north/south service to Salem. Salem's Amtrak station is located across the street from the southeast corner of the Willamette campus.

Bus Transportation

Greyhound Bus Lines serve Salem throughout the United States. The bus depot is located across the street from the southeast corner of the Willamette campus.

Special Access Needs

Willamette provides interpreters or other access needs upon request. If you or a member of your family desires any services, contact the Office of Student Activities at 503-370-6463.

Health History and Immunization Form

This must be submitted to the Bishop Wellness Center by Aug. 1, 2016. In compliance with Oregon law, every entering student must provide evidence of having received two doses of measles vaccine on or after the first birthday with a minimum of 30 days between doses. Your spring 2016 course registration will be held unless this information is provided.


Call the Office of Student Activities at 503-370-6463, Monday–Friday, 8 a.m.–4:30 p.m. (PDT).