List of Student Organizations

The purpose of student organizations at Willamette University is to provide opportunities for the enhancement of academic, cultural, social and recreational aspects of student life through participation in group programs and activities. Every Willamette student has the opportunity to become involved in campus organizations!

Student organizations fall into one of ten categories. To browse student organizations, select a category below.


Aerospace Exploration Organization (AEO)

It is the mission of the AEO to create a supportive student community focused on expanding aerospace and other relevant physical knowledge.

Sarah Peery  Advisor: Jed Rembold  


The Archaeology Club aims to engage students in extracurricular archaeological activities, projects and events. The club hopes to give students more hands-on learning opportunities.

Elena Familetto  Advisor: Ortwin Knorr  


The purpose of the Chemistry Club is to engage the Willamette community in chemistry-related activities both on campus and around Salem. The club provides teaching experience, along with training in lab safety techniques, for members who perform science demonstrations at local elementary and middle schools. The Chemistry Club also provides opportunities to learn about possible careers in chemistry. Science and humanities majors alike are welcome.

Montana Hunter  Advisor: Karen Holman  


The Exercise Science club is designed to provide exercise students opportunities to explore different careers in the field and participate in curriculum-related field trips.

Elyssa Ellson  Advisor: Michael Lockard  


The French club's purpose is to promote the culture of the French speaking world on Willamette campus and to improve students' knowledge of this culture by providing them with an insight of francophone particularities that they cannot experience in the classroom (food movies, exhibits, music, etc.)

Kylah Clay  Advisor: Amadou Fofana  


The German Club will provide a community setting for students of German and those with an interest in the German language and culture to broaden their learning through activities, informative gatherings, traditional festivals, and group excursions related to the subject of German.

Moira Eaton  Advisor: Aili Zheng  

Institute for Healthcare Improvement and Pre-Health Club (IHI)

This group aims to provide academic, social, and professional support for students interested in pursuing a career in the healthcare field.

Milla Bevens  Advisor: Monique Bourque  


The purpose of the Willamette University Math Club (WUMC) is to provide an environment in which members can explore extracurricular mathematics.

Rhea Martin  Advisor: Colin Starr  


The purpose of this organization is to increase awareness and student involvement with the Hallie Ford Museum of Art and provide a variety of activities related to the museum.

Kiana Lee  Advisor: Jonathan Bucci  


The Philomathean Society is a student organization purposed with encouraging positive and thoughtful discourse among Willamette's student body.

Carlo Rivas  Advisor: Robert Trapp  


Philosophy Club provides a stimulating and friendly community where students can meet once a week to discuss philosophy, critique papers, and engage in analyzing philosophical topics.

Ellen Hensley  Advisor: Anthony Coleman  

Women in Computer Science

This organization creates a space for discussion of women in information science, and helps facilitate academic and personal projects in this field.

Madison Malone  Advisor: Haiyen Cheng  


The purpose of the Russian Club is to promote awareness and a greater appreciation of the Russian culture and also to provide an opportunity for students of the Russian Department to associate and socialize.

Kathryn McConaughy  Advisor: Sarah Bishop  


Spanish club is a student-run organization at Willamette University that celebrates and promotes Spanish culture and language. We hold different types of events each month so students are exposed to the different foods, cultures, and dialects that are present in Spanish speaking countries. Our club is intended to expose students to aspects of Spanish language and culture that are difficult to explore in a traditional classroom setting, to promote fluency in the language, and to help students gain a deeper understanding of culture.

Ariel Rabkin-Meyer  Advisor: Gustavo Fonseca  



IFC is the governing body for the men's fraternities, composed of elected representatives from each of Willamette's fraternities.

Andrew Weiner  Advisor: Lisa Holliday  

BETA THETA PI (Interest Group)

The mission of Beta Theta Pi is to develop men of principle for a principled life and it is our vision that members will live out Beta's values of mutual assistance, intellectual growth, trust, responsible conduct and integrity.

Evan Levy  Advisor: Emily Morris  


By striving for excellence in Kappa Sigma's Four Pillars of Fellowship, Leadership, Scholarship and Service, we seek to produce Brothers who are involved in all aspects of campus life; who excel academically as students and professionally upon graduation; who develop lifelong bonds with those around them and who support those peers; and who serve their colleges and communities.

Andrew Choe  Advisor: Katharine Hoehne  


The purpose of Phi Delta Theta is to bring men with different backgrounds but similar ideals together with a common purpose: to foster excellence in scholarship, leadership, individual growth, and involvement in community service.

Michael Chergosky  Advisor: Zachery Cardoso  


The mission of Sigma Alpha Epsilon is to promote the highest standards of friendship, scholarship and service for its members based upon the ideals set forth by the founders and as specifically enunciated in "The True Gentlemen."

Maxamillion Pichardo  Advisor: Kostantinos Efstathiou  


The purpose of this fraternity shall be to cultivate and maintain the high ideals of friendship, justice and learning upon which Sigma Chi was founded.

Ty O'Donnell  Advisor: Emilio Solano  


PHC is the governing body for the women's sororities, composed of elected representatives from each of Willamette's three sororities.

Katie Bick  Advisor: Lisa Holliday  


Alpha Chi Omega seeks to positively contribute to our surrounding community through philanthropy, educational activities and social events. We strive for excellence in academics, leadership, responsibility, character, and seek to create strong bonds of friendship among our members

Haley Houston  Advisor: Karen Wood  


Alpha Phi is a sisterhood of outstanding women supporting one another in lifelong achievement. The objectives of our Fraternity are the promotion of growth in character; unity of feeling, sisterly affection, and social communion among our members.

Kaylin Bullert  Advisor: Lucas Ettinger  


The mission of Pi Beta Phi Fraternity for Women is to promote friendship, develop women of intellect and integrity, cultivate leadership potential and enrich lives through community service.Our vision is to be recognized as a premier organization for women by providing lifelong enrichment to our members and to contribute to the betterment of society.

Olivia Harrington  Advisor: Paige Steffy  



Mortar Board is a national honor society recognizing college seniors for their exemplary scholarship, leadership and service, established in 1918.

Allison Davies  Advisor: Robert Chenault  


This is a professional music fraternity that seeks to promote musicianship, scholarship, and friendship through service to the University and the community. Mu Phi Epsilon aims to advance music throughout the world and to develop awareness that artistic gifts are to be shared with others. There is a g.p.a. requirement and potential members must be invited to join this fraternity.

Kyle Ward  Advisor: Crystal Zimmerman  


This is a national honorary society, open to juniors and seniors, that recognizes members of fraternities and sororities who have excelled in academics, campus involvement and community service. Order of Omega membership is awarded through application and invitation.

Rosalind Fraser   Advisor: Cady Campbell  


Founded in 1776, Phi Beta Kappa is the nation's oldest academic honor society. Its mission is to foster and to recognize excellence in the liberal arts and sciences. Students are elected to Phi Beta Kappa as seniors (a small number may be elected as juniors) based on scholarly achievement, broad cultural interest and good character. Members of the WU chapter, Delta of Oregon, base selection largely on an adjusted g.p.a. considering also departmental recommendations and academic honors. Membership is by invitation only.

Advisor: Dave Rigsby   


This is a national honor society for students of the biological sciences. It will strive to increase knowledge of biological matters through active pursuit of speakers and field trips, and shall encourage students to pursue research and scholarship.

Emma Sharpe  Advisor: David Craig  


Arts and Crafts Club

The Arts and Crafts Club offers a fun and safe place for students to pursue their own craft and to make available both peer and professional guidance when sought.

Kanen Rose  Advisor: Ron Jones  

Filmmaker's Guild

The Filmmaker's Guild is a team of filmmakers who share a common passion for storytelling. Our goal is to build a collaborative community that works collectively to pursue a variety of film projects.

Andrew Choe  Advisor: Vincent Pham  


It is the mission of KWU to fill the people's ears with joy, love and happiness.

Aaron Schecter  Advisor: Kyle House  


The Collegian strives to teach journalistic skills and ethics while providing Willamette's weekly student paper.

Madelyn Jones  Advisor: Emily Morris  


The Mill is an annual journal representing both the literary and artistic voices of Willamette's community members. This student run publication includes poetry, short stories, musical scores, photography and photographs of paintings, drawings and three-dimensional art.

Evan Dilley  Advisor: Danielle Deulen  



The purpose of Alianza is to promote the Latino culture as well as empower the outer Latin community in effort to seek a higher education. We will provide the campus with ethnic celebrations, films, speakers, and a supportive environment for multicultural students through potlucks, trips and other cultural gatherings.

Denise Diaz  Advisor: Catalina De Onis  


The mission of the Asian Coalition for Equality (ACE) is to educate and promote interest in awareness of Asian American issues within the Willamette University community through the use of films, lectures, outings, and other events. ACE will also attend events of groups that we recognize in solidarity on campus. These include groups representing marginalized students, groups centered around activism, and groups holding educational or informational events. ACE is here to conduct Asian American education and activism, but we also seek to build connections and support other groups representing marginalized populations on campus.

Michelle Hicks  Advisor: Aili Zheng  


The Black Student Union is dedicated to the unification and healing of African-Americans, people of African descent and others that are part of the African Diaspora through self-determination, cultural education, and academic excellence. Through the Implementation of these principles and others, the Black Student Union will strive to continue the struggle for Black liberation and the liberation of all.

Enku Castellanos  Advisor: Amadou Fofana  


CAUSA chapter is dedicated to civic engagement of its members through organizing, educating and mobilizing Willamette and its surrounding communities. CAUSA chapter will attempt to raise awareness about pertinent issues affecting the immigrant community.

Diana Marquez  Advisor: Michael Woods  

Chinese Taiwanese Culture Association (CTCA)

The Chinese Taiwanese Culture Association strives to bridge the gap between Chinese, Chinese American, and Willamette Students and to facilitate communication among these cultures on Willamette campus.

Eurydice Chen  Advisor: Huike Wen  


The Hawaii Club strives to produce a more comfortable environment for students, both from Hawaii and those interested in the culture. It provides a support group that participates in activities, service projects, and educational programs, especially through the luau put on at the end of the school year. It also functions as a transitory resource to assist students while finding their niche at Willamette University.

Joelle Patricio  Advisor: Gordy Toyama  


JSSL is an organization open to all students interested in Japan, with the purpose of organizing engaging academic activities centered around Japanese culture, society and language for the Willamette, TIUA and Salem communities.

Cassidy Andrews  Advisor: Miho Fujiwara  


The purpose of the Native and Indigenous Student Union is to enlighten its members to the cultural diversity of the Native American people. This association will help Native Americans to identify with an organization on campus and all other students of different origins to be enlightened by the activities, debates and lectures this association may offer.

Adrianna Nicolay  Advisor: Rebecca Dobkins  

Rainbow Alliance

This group exists to provide and encourage the support, education, and visibility of all sexuality and gender identities, concerns, and issues in the Willamette/TIUA community. Its aim is to create an awareness and celebration of differing perspectives and lifestyles.

Sabrina George  Advisor: Rachel Steck  

Performing Arts


The purpose of this organization is to promote, perform, and teach methods of improvisational theatre to members of the Willamette community.

Brett Stoner-Osborne  Advisor: Susan Coromel  


The purpose of the Association is the advancement of musical knowledge and education. Activities of the Association are aimed at the promotion of the art of music and the advancement of musical educational activities and the appreciation of music among the people of the community.

Cassidy Andrews  Advisor: Crystal Zimmerman  


Poi club promotes, expresses and teaches the art of poi on the Willamette campus. We will gather regularly to practice and improve each others' skills. Performances will be in conjunction with other clubs at WU including but not limited to the DJ and Hawaii club. The tools used in poi are varied; the include poi balls, glowsticks, zuni, beaming poi and fine poi among others.

Kate McConaughy  Advisor: Rich Dennis  


The Sanshin Club is a student-run organization with the main goal of sharing the traditional Okinawan musical instrument and the abundant Japanese history and culture to the Willamette community and schools around the Salem area. The Sanshin Club is open to any Willamette University undergraduate and American Studies Program (ASP) students. Through the learning and performing of this musical instrument, our organization aims to bring not only enjoyment, but also traditional Japanese culture and its rich history into the public view.

Euchari Majors  Advisor: Miho Fujiwara  


The purpose of Taiko is to give an opportunity to students to learn the traditional ways of Japanese Taiko and to perform for Willamette as well as other local communities in hopes of expanding the knowledge of Japanese tradition.

Gavin Honke  Advisor: Miho Fujiwara  


Tandem is a co-ed a capella choir that arranges, learns and performs a variety of popular music.

Allison Kerkhoff  Advisor: Paul Klemme  


Up Top is a student-run female a cappella musical group comprised of full-time Willamette students of any major. It strives to promote a creative and performance outlet through the process of performing and arranging original and "covered" vocal pieces.

Hannah Rose Linville  Advisor: Wallace Long  


The Willamette Dance Company is an organization of dancers and dance enthusiasts with the common goal of creating and performing a fall and spring dance concert.

Olive Murdoch Meyer  Advisor: Lisa Holliday  



Campus Ambassadors Christian Fellowship desires to help students grow in the knowledge and love of God, guided by the authority of Scripture and prayer. We work to fulfill our mission through worship, Bible study, community service, daily prayer and retreats.

Dru Draper  Advisor: Sarah Kirk  


InterVarsity Christian Fellowship is a student-led organization that is working with Jesus to cause a revolution through which all students will experience the kingdom of God, be transformed by His love and be sent out to change the world. Students lead small group Bible studies and prayer meetings in order to know Jesus personally.

William Gupton  Advisor: Sue Corner  


This organization strives to provide a forum and community for Jewish students of WU to practice and talk about Jewish culture.

Samantha Levy  Advisor: Gary Ellison  


Our mission is to integrate faith, reason and life experience on the campus of Willamette University according to the vision of Cardinal Newman. As a Catholic apostolate, we foster spiritual growth through prayer, discussion and service.

Estefania Ramos Torres  Advisor: Juliet Valdez  



Best Buddies is a college based volunteer program designed to promote one-to-one friendships between college students and people with developmental disabilities. Each College Buddy is asked to see his/her Buddy once a month and call or write once a week. In addition, pairs participate in monthly group activities, such as dances, arts craft nights and pizza parties.

Allie Spiekerman  Advisor: Gary Ellison  


Burning Bright provides a variety of opportunities to volunteer with children with serious illnesses. Opportunities include service at the hospital, fundraisers, organizational events and specialized camps.

Sherry Chen  Advisor: Eric Lassahn  


Colleges Against Cancer gives students the opportunity to combat cancer on their campus while uniting with other chapters nationwide. Students can make an impact nationwide, as well as within the Salem Community.

Parker Russell  Advisor: Karen Wood  


It is the mission of the FRN at Willamette to fight food waste and hunger in the Willamette Valley by recovering surplus perishable food from our campus and donating it to people in need in our community.

Evan Dilley  Advisor: Joe Bowersox  


SARA aims to provide a safe group of trained volunteers to which survivors of sexual assault and their allies can go to seek support, advocacy, and information.

Paige Morrisey  Advisor: Andrea Doyle Hugmeyer  


To encourage and facilitate training of students expressing interests in emergency medical services to include but not limited to training in CPR and First Aid. To provide certification in CPR to the Willamette Community.

Peter Fredenburg  Advisor: Sarah Kirk  


The Zena Farm Club gathers students to collaborate ideas and work on Zena Farm, the Willamette owned piece of land just outside of West Salem.

Hope Heideman  Advisor: Wendy Petersen Boring  

Social and Support

Advocates for Dis/Ability Awareness and Accessibility (ADAA)

To provide a safe community and uplifting environment for current students with disabilities, as well as their allies.

Landry Ferguson  Advisor: Allison Hobgood  

Bearcat Pantry

An operating food pantry that aims to serve students that identify as food insecure, help connect students with resources to support better financial stability, and to raise awareness about food insecurity.

Tova Hershman  Advisor: Melinda Butterworth  

Choice Action Team

NARAL is part of the larger Pro-Choice Oregon: Salem Regional Leadership Team. We will work with this team to advance reproductive rights/access in our area and participate in legislative action and community organizing

Maia Ito  Advisor: Jonneke Koomen  

Baking Club

Baking club brings students who like baking together.

Sirena Rodriguez-Kobayashi  Raechelle Mascarenhas  


The Boffer Club is devoted to recreation of medieval battle using light, padded weapons in a variety of game-types and settings. Typically meets once a week, occasionally also meets on weekends for capture the flag and other large-scale games. Safe and fun. Theatrical/period costume encouraged.

Cameron Tangen  Advisor: Peter Wogan  


College Republicans endorse and publicize the principles of the Republican Party. They aid in the election of Republican candidates at all levels and work to develop political skills and leadership abilities among students to prepare them for future service to the community. College Republicans will serve as a source of ideas, organization, and activism for those wishing to support the Republican Party and conservative ideals.

Dru Draper  Advisor: Michael Marks  


Informing the Willamette community of the importance of exercise, nutrition, and rest and providing support and opportunities for students to live healthier and gain a full understanding of overall personal wellness.

Nolan Douglass  Advisor: Kostantinos Efstathiou  

Stitch and Bitch

The Respectable Society of Fiber Arts will help to better serve the community at Willamette and in Salem through the cooperative and healing activity of knitting and crocheting.

Benjamin Burton  Advisor: Karen Wood  


The mission of the NCAA Division III Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) is to enhance the total student-athlete experience by promoting opportunity for all student-athletes; protecting student-athlete welfare; and fostering a positive student-athlete image, while maintaining the tenets of the Division III philosophy.

Morgan Webster  Advisor: Leslie Shevlin  


Students for Feminism is a group that raises awareness of gender inequality and its intersections though discussion and dialogue, ultimately working to empower all individuals. We meet every Thursdays at 6:00 pm in the Women's Resource Center on the third floor of the University Center--all are welcome! The group also hopes to engage the Willamette community with on campus events such as “Love Your Body Days,” The Willamette Monologues: A personal theory, Take Back the Night, and bringing on campus speakers in hopes of fostering campus awareness of wider feminist issues. If you are interested in participating in the monologues performance please join the group after the Students for Feminism meetings the 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month 7-8 pm to workshop your ideas.

Ryleigh Norgrove  Advisor: Allison Hobgood  

Veg Society

The Veg Society increases aims to increase awareness and participation in a plant based lifestyle on campus through learning about the effect of consuming animal products has on the environment, personal health and animal rights.

Kristin Jradi  Advisor: Wendy Petersen-Boring  


It is the mission of the Video Game Club to promote teamwork and communication between video gamers on campus, and build an environment of harassment-free sportsmanship through on-campus competition.

Ricky Oropeza  Advisor: Jeff Allen  


The purpose of Willamette Events Board is to provide programs that complement, reflect and respond to the Willamette University community. These programs shall be designed to be an educational experience for those involved in planning and presenting of the programs, as well as those who participate. These programs should remain consistent with stated objectives, regulations, and missions of the Office of Student Activities and Willamette University.

Diana Marquez Guerrero  Advisor: Emily Morris  


Wulapalooza is an earth, art, and music festival that has been organized by students every spring for the past 12 years. Student and professional bands perform on two stages at the festival, along with other performance groups such as Willamette Dance Company and Poi Club. We also have club activities, food, and a craft fair, among other events. Each year we also select a charitable organization to support!

Greth Lyon  Advisor: Lisa Holliday  

Sports and Recreational

Paradigm Choreography

Paradigm strives to bring an urban/hip-hop community to campus for students to express themselves and present professional level performances.

Matthew Wei  Advisor: Kostantinos Efstathiou  


The purpose is to be an organization where members can compete against each other and enhance their skills as badminton players.

Manuel Marcos Gutierrez  Advisor: Kostantinos Efstathiou  


The purpose of the WU Cheer squad is to provide enthusiasm, spirit, and entertainment at Willamette sporting events on campus. We perform at home football games during the fall semester and home basketball games at the beginning of spring semester.

Monica Gray  Advisor: Kostantinos Efstathiou  

Equestrian Club

The purpose of this club is to get students involved with horses. The club focuses on putting care first and working together to increase communication, responsibility, and patience. Club members volunteer with the community groups that use horses to help others.

Hannah Shotwell  Advisor: Cady Campbell  


Men's Rugby, formally known as Willamette Rugby Football Club, is the rugby team at Willamette University. We play a challenging schedule in both the fall and spring semesters, and tour all over the country - from home games at McCulloch Stadium to campuses across the Northwest and California plus international tours in Canada and Ireland. Students with any ability level are welcome! Live your golden years playing the greatest sport in the world, and forming friendships you'll have the rest of your life. Practices are Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 4:30pm on the Quad and Fridays at 4:30pm on Brown Field. GO BEARCATS!!

John Gray  Advisor: Kostantinos Efstathiou  


To provide players with a more competitive soccer environment than intramurals provides, without being at the extreme level of collegiate varsity sport.

Angus Williams  Advisor: Kostantinos Efstathiou  

Nerf Club

The Nerf Club fosters a safe, friendly, social, and inclusive community centered around the Nerfing hobby.

Henry Harder  

Outdoor Program

The Outdoor Program aims to provide students with accessible opportunities to engage in outdoor recreation.

Maddie McClure  


The purpose of the running club is to unite runners of all abilities to go on runs together. Participants may choose to run in races together.

Sophie Johnson  Advisor: Kosti Efstathiou  


This club exists to play Ultimate Frisbee and lots of it. Group members strive to develop skills, play in intercollegiate games and tournaments and to have fun in every weather condition.

Ellis Cobb  Advisor: Kostantinos Efstathiou  


This organization seeks to gather students of Willamette University to play indoor volleyball and increase their skills in the sport.

Conrad Parrish  Advisor: Kostantinos Efstathiou  


This organization is designed to provide the WU community with a more competitive soccer environment than intramurals provides, without being at the extreme level of a colligate varsity sport.

Dania Chawkins  Izzy Lilly  Advisor: Kostantinos Efstathiou  


Our purpose at Willamette University is to provide women with a fun and athletic pastime outside of the varsity sports. By participating in women's rugby, students have a chance to participate in an interesting sport and get involved in the Willamette community.

Skye Bruggeman  Advisor: Kostantinos Efstathiou