List of Student Organizations

The purpose of student organizations at Willamette University is to provide opportunities for the enhancement of academic, cultural, social and recreational aspects of student life through participation in group programs and activities. Every Willamette student has the opportunity to become involved in campus organizations!

Student organizations fall into one of ten categories. To browse student organizations, select a category below.


Media Organizations


Contact Jordon Hendersen & Advisor: Frann Michel

It is the mission of the B Movie Club to promote interest in, appreciation for, and interaction with B Movies within the horror and sci-fi genre.


Contact Abigail Lahnert & Advisor: Scott Nadelson

The Chrysalis is an annual journal representing both the literary and artistic voices of Willamette's community members. This student run publication includes poetry, short stories, musical scores, photography and photographs of paintings, drawings and three-dimensional art.


Contact Juliana Cohen & Advisor: Gretchen Moon

The Collegian strives to teach journalistic skills and ethics while providing Willamette's weekly student paper.


Contact Kel Mandigo-Stoba & Advisor: Kyle House

Broadcasting to the campus intranet via computer, ASWU Radio's innovative student-run station maintains community through entertainment and communication. With a mix of musical genres, talk and fun, the campus' newest media has something for everyone - participant or listener.

WU Zine Collective

Contact Nastja Nykaza & Advisor: Michael Chasar

WU Zine Collective is a literary arts magazine that seeks to increase campus-wide participation in the arts. They distribute "traditional" print and online publications, and non-traditional publications including self-publishable handouts and "fill-in-the-issue" editions aimed at breaking down publication barriers, allowing hobbyist, alternative, and closeted artists to the enter the public, artistic sphere.