These resources are designed to aid you in forming and maintaining a successful student organization.

Student Organization Handbook

Student Organizations

  • Student Organization Update Form (Down for Maintenance)

    New executive leadership? New advisor? New club name?

    Complete this online form to update us of changes. (This information will go to Student Activities, Accounting, Scheduling, and others).

  • Leader/Advisor Agreement Have a new advisor? After you've submitted the online Student Organization Update Form (see above), please download the attached Leader/Advisor Agreement (PDF). Review this document with your new advisor, sign it, and submit it to the Office of Student Activities (2nd floor of the Putnam University Center).
  • Starting a New Student Organization This resource outlines the process for starting a Student Organization, complete with the Affiliation Form, Petition of Interest, and guidelines for writing your own Constitution and By-laws.


  • Leadership Strategies This resources has some important tips for how to be an effective student leader, complete with information about goal setting, effective meeting strategies, delegating responsibility, and more!



  • Publicity Policies and Basics This resource outlines everything you need to know about Publicity on Willamette's campus, complete with policies and creative publicity ideas.