Forms and Other Important Documents

  • Student Organization Update Form

    New executive leadership? New advisor? New club name? Submit this online form to keep us informed of changes (this information will go to Student Activities, Accounting, Scheduling, and others).

    Please check with Zachery Cardoso or Kyle Flowers if you have any urgent changes

  • Student Leader and Advisor Agreement 2016-2017

    All student organizations who wish to exist in 2016-2017 must attain signatures from their leaders and advisor(s) and submit this form to the Office of Student Activities.

  • Student Organization Sample Constitution

    Use this sample as a guide to update or revise your existing constitution.

  • Virtual EMS

    Use Virtual EMS to schedule events and browse for space.

  • Events Calendar

    After your event is scheduled, submit your events to this University-wide Events Calendar.

  • Expense Reimbursement Request

    Use this form to request reimbursement of $100 or more.

  • Trip Form

    Complete this form for any university-sponsored travel.

  • Petty Cash Request

    Use this form to request reimbursement of $99 or less.

  • Request for Payment

    Use this form to request payment for a performer or other provider of services. Note that this form must be accompanied by a 1099 or W9 tax form and a contract for services.

  • Tax Form for Performers or Service Providers

    Any paid performers or service providers must submit a 1099 or W9 tax form for their payment to be processed.

  • Bon Appetit Catering Guide

    Bon Appetit provides catering for events that are on campus. To submit an order or to ask for a quote, contact

  • WITS Request for Equipment

    Complete and submit this form to the WITS main office (Smullin 1st floor) to request checkout of equipment.

  • Imprint Request Form

    Complete this if you would like to use the Willamette name or any of the Willamette logos (compass, bearcat paw, etc.) on printed material. Submit it along with a copy of your image(s) to Jill Munger, Director of Auxiliary Support Services and Clothing and Gift Buyer for approval.

  • Candle Use Agreement

    Complete and submit this form to Rich Dennis in Campus Safety (Doney Hall) when requesting use of candles or other open flames on campus.

  • President Thorsett's Event Attendance Request Form

    Use this form to request President Thorsett to attend or speak at your event.