Parking Regulations


The University strongly encourages use of alternative and environmentally friendly forms of transportation. For example, students and employees may purchase Salem bus passes at a 50% discount, get the special educational membership rate for the three on-campus Zipcars, rent a bike at the Willamette Bike Shop, or find a friend to share a Carpool permit.

  1. It is your responsibility to know and abide by these Parking Regulations. Lack of knowledge of these regulations is not justification for appealing a citation.

  2. It is your responsibility to know and abide by these Parking Regulations. Lack of knowledge of these regulations is not justification for appealing a citation.

  3. Oversize Vehicles: RVs, buses, trailers, moving vans, etc., may not park on campus.

  4. Disabled Parking Spaces: require a State disabled permit AND a University parking permit.

  5. Restricted Areas: A vehicle parked in a fire lane, no-parking area, Reserved space, sidewalk, driveway, landscaped area, crosswalk, etc., is subject to immediate towing at the owner‟s expense. These restricted areas are in effect 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. However, you may request permission to temporarily park in certain restricted areas by calling Campus Safety in advance.

  6. Loading Zones: limited to 15 minutes, while actively loading or unloading.

  7. Citations/Appeals: citations must be paid or appealed within five business days. Refer to Section G. for appeal process information.

  8. All vehicles parked on campus must be in operable condition.

  9. Theft/Damage to Vehicles: Willamette University and Tokyo International University of America are not responsible for theft from or damage to vehicles parked on University property; however, if your vehicle is damaged or items are stolen, contact Campus Safety immediately to initiate an investigation/report.

  10. Sleeping in vehicles overnight on campus is prohibited.

  11. The University partners with Mission Mill and Bush Elementary School to prevent illegal parking on their property.

  12. Vehicle information may be provided to government agencies on a need-to-know basis. If you do not want this information released, you must notify Campus Safety in advance.

Parking Permits

Valid Willamette University parking permits are required year-round, as posted in every lot.

Standard permits are valid in any Standard lot. The purchase and proper display of a current Standard parking permit allows an individual to park in a Standard lot if there is a legal parking space available. Possession of a permit does not guarantee space availability.

Reserved permits are specific to the assigned Reserved lot; a space in the lot is guaranteed. Parking in Standard lots is permitted evenings and weekends. Kaneko Commons Residents: Reserved parking is available only in the Kaneko parking lot ($300/year); Standard parking is available only in the lot south of the softball field.

Carpool permits are valid in any Standard lot, or in designated Carpool spaces in the Guest/Visitor lot between 7am and 2pm Monday-Friday. Carpool is defined as two or more Willamette University students and/or employees.

  1. To be valid, a permit must be current and hanging from the rear-view mirror, with the numbers facing out.

  2. Permit Cost: Standard = $120/year, $80/second semester only. Reserved = $390/year, or $300/year for Kaneko Commons residents.

  3. Re-sale: Permits are the property of Willamette University, and may NOT be re-sold, loaned, or gifted by the holder.

  4. Hold for Unpaid Fines: Before a permit is issued, all outstanding fines must be paid.

  5. Permit Transferability: Permits may be transferred to any motor vehicle that you drive, excluding motorcycles/motorbikes and vehicles mentioned in section A. 3.

  6. Lost Permits: Replacement = $10.

  7. Limited-Use Permit: A five-use permit is $5; additional permits are $10 each. Valid in Standard lots only.

  8. Standard Permit Refund Schedule: If the permit is returned to Campus Safety,

    • before October 1 - $120
    • during October - $90
    • during November - $70
    • during December and January - $50
    • during February - $30
    • on or after March 1 - $0
  9. Temporary Mobility Impairment: If you have a short-term injury or illness which significantly reduces your ability to walk short distances, and you have a Standard or Reserved permit, you may request a special permit to allow parking nearer to campus housing or academic buildings, for a period of up to two weeks. A specific space or area will be assigned. Disabled parking spaces cannot be utilized for this purpose.

Motorcycle/Motorbike/Bicycle Parking

  1. Motorcycles, motorbikes and bicycles may park ONLY in designated racks or areas:

    • south end of Lausanne Hall, off Winter Street
    • west side of the 12th Street parking lot (near footbridge)
  2. No permit is required to park in designated racks or areas.

  3. Bicycles locked to railings or in hallways are subject to removal by Campus Safety.

Guest/Visitor/Other Parking Options

  1. The Guest/Visitor parking kiosk at the corner of Winter and Bellevue streets is staffed Monday-Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

    Guests: University departments may reserve a parking space for department-sponsored guests (such as invited lecturers, artists, and prospective students, for example) at no charge. Go to the Faculty or Staff web page, and click on Guest Parking Reservations under the University Services section.

    Visitors: Individuals such as event attendees, vendors, media representatives, personal guests of employees, and members of the general public may purchase a one-day permit at the parking kiosk for $5 before noon or $3 after noon.

  2. Parking Meters: There are a limited number of 30-minute meters at the north edge of the Sparks (main) parking lot, near the Montag Center (west side), in the Kaneko Commons lot (near the vehicle gate), and in the courtyard between Lausanne and Doney Halls.

Violations and Fines

Following is a list of violations and corresponding fines.

  1. These Violations May Result in Immediate Towing

    24 hours a day, 365 days a year, without advance notice of the owner

    • Fire Lane ($50)
    • Disabled Parking ($100)
    • Reserved Parking ($25)
    • Visitor Parking without a Visitor Permit ($15)
    • Parking in a Loading Zone ($15)
    • Blocking/Impeding Traffic ($15)
    • Parking/Driving on Grass/Landscaped Area ($25)
    • Parking/Driving on Sidewalks ($15)
    • Parking in a Driveway/Service Road ($15)
    • No Parking ($15)
    • Parking in an Unauthorized Lot ($15)
    • Expired Meter ($15)
  2. Other violations
    • No Permit ($15)
    • Invalid Permit ($15)
    • Altered Permit ($50)
    • Reckless Driving ($50)
    • Issue Boot/Tow Notice ($15)
    • Apply Boot ($50)
    • Tow Vehicle/Call Tow Truck ($100)
    • Speeding ($25)
    • Other ($15)
  3. Violations of University Standards of Conduct

    The following violations will be referred to the Campus Judicial Office:

    • Receiving more than 10 citations.
    • Vehicle is towed more than once in the same academic year.

Payment of Fines

  1. Citation Payment Responsibility: Permit holders are responsible for payment of fines on all citations issued to a vehicle displaying their assigned permit, regardless of who was driving.

  2. Where/How to Pay: Fines may be paid at the Campus Safety Office. Towing and storage charges must be paid direct to the towing company.

  3. Late Payments/Unpaid Citations: Fines not paid or appealed within five business days will be charged to the student‟s tuition account, and a $5 processing fee added. Unpaid employee fines will be handled following section H.2. below, and will prevent purchase of future permits.

Parking Citation Appeals

  1. Citations may be appealed up to five business days from the date of issue. Repeated violations cannot be appealed.

    • Appeals must be in writing. Required forms are available from the Campus Safety office and on the Campus Safety Parking web page.
    • Appeals must be based on firm and verifiable evidence. Lack of knowledge of these parking regulations is not justification for appealing a citation.

    The director of Campus Safety will review appeals and make a decision based on the written appeal and on Campus Safety records. Appellants will be notified of the decision by mail.

  2. The director‟s decision may be appealed to the University Judicial Office. To submit a UJO appeal:

    • notify Campus Safety in writing within five business days from the date of the appeal decision;
    • include full payment of fines (if the UJO reduces or suspends the fine, payment will be refunded);
    • submit additional written comments (optional).

    The original appeal documents will be forwarded to the UJO; you will be notified of the UJO‟s decision by mail.

Booting/Towing Procedures

The vehicle owner is responsible for all costs associated with booting or towing. The University is not liable for any loss or damage resulting from booting or towing.

  1. Restricted Area Violations

    (see section E.1. above)

    • Third RA violation during academic year: Boot/Tow notice advises of future booting and/or towing
    • Fourth RA violation: vehicle is booted
    • Fifth and subsequent violations: vehicle is towed

    Note: Citation records are NOT cleared at the end of the academic year. However, first RA-violation consequence will revert to previous year's ending level.

  2. Other Violations

    Any vehicle or individual with two unpaid citations will be issued a Boot/Tow Notice on receiving a third citation of any type. Future violations will result in immediate booting or towing. The notice is in effect until the citations are paid.

  3. Releasing booted vehicles

    All citations must be paid; WU paperwork must be signed; the vehicle must be immediately moved.

  4. Vehicles towed from University property

    All citations must be paid; WU paperwork must be signed. The vehicle owner may then take the paperwork to the tow company to arrange for release of the vehicle.