Smoking Policy

Willamette University takes seriously its obligation to provide a safe, healthful, and welcoming environment for all students, employees and guests. Willamette complies with Oregon’s Smokefree Workplace Law, and all other laws pertaining to smoking. Consistent with these laws, at Willamette, the right of the non-smoker to enjoy a campus environment free of smoke supersedes the right of the smoker to smoke on campus.

Willamette recognizes that smoke from tobacco products has an adverse effect on the health of smokers and non-smokers alike. For this reason, and to promote fire safety on campus, smoking is not permitted inside any buildings, nor is smoking permitted within 25 feet of the exterior of any University building.

All employees of Willamette share in a responsibility to enforce this policy. Campus Safety and Human Resources are available to respond to specific incidents of non-compliance should you require support and assistance.


Signs describing this policy will be posted at all entrances, as required by law. Human Resources will provide on-demand web-based guidance for those who want to learn techniques for politely addressing those whose smoking is disruptive or in violation of this policy.

To assist any University employee who wishes to quit smoking, the University may cover the cost of a cessation program that is approved in advance by the Director of Human Resources. Students looking for help with quitting smoking may contact Bishop Health Center for available options.

Formal reports of violations should be addressed to Campus Safety, Human Resources, or to a supervisor. Reports may also be made directly to the State Department of Human Services toll free reporting line at (866) 621-6107.