Bike Sale!!!

Thanks for visiting! The bikes you see here have been abandoned and are in desperate need of new owners. If you purchase one of these bikes be assured that your money will go directly towards supporting the Willamette University Bike Shop, its employees and its facilities. Please browse these pictures, and come to the old YMCA building on State St. on Friday, Oct. 4th from 2 pm to 4pm to pick up your new bike. Do remember that these will all be sold on a first-come, first-serve basis and that all sales are final.

If you need help with directions, this map may help. Otherwise, if you have any further questions please contact Micheal Seraphin by email at or by phone at (503)370-6055.

  • Map to YMCA
  • Bike Pic #1
  • Bike Pic #2
  • Bike Pic #3
  • Bike Pic #4
  • Bike Pic #5
  • Bike Pic #6
  • Bike Pic #7