Campus Safety

The goal of the Office of Campus Safety is to protect the Willamette University community and to reduce campus crime. Use the information and suggestions on this web site to enhance your personal safety. Help us by reporting emergencies, suspicious activity and criminal behavior.

Campus Safety officers, who must earn yearly certification from the State of Oregon, are available 24/7 to respond to calls for service from the Willamette Community. Officers have legal enforcement authority on all Willamette University and Tokyo International University of America property. Campus Safety contacts city emergency services for assistance as necessary.

Important Phone Numbers
Police / Fire / Medical Emergency 911
Alcoholics Anonymous 503-399-0599
Alanon (for friends, family) 503-370-7363
Marion County Psychiatric Crisis Center 503-585-4949
Poison Center 800-222-1222
SafeRides (Willamette Valley Yellow Cab) 503-362-2411
Safety Escorts 503-370-6911
Salem Hospital Convenient Care (non-emergency) 503-561-5554
Salem Hospital Drug/Alcohol Hotline 800-621-1646
Salem Parking Enforcement 503-585-6471
Salem Police Non-emergency 503-588-6123
S.A.R.A. Sexual Assault Response Allies (weekends) 503-851-4245
Weather/Campus Closure Advisories 503-370-6300
Willamette Emergency Medical Services (WEMS) 503-370-6911, ask for WEMS
Women's Crisis Center 503-399-7722
WU Disability Services 503-370-6471
WU Health/Wellness Center 503-370-6062
WU Safety Committee 503-370-6907