Campus Safety Advisory Committee

In an ongoing effort to increase the safety and security of the Willamette University campus, the Office of Campus Safety is charged with the responsibility of responding the incidents and educating the community about their responsibilities for their own safety. The Campus Safety Advisory Committee reviews the policies and operations of the Office of Campus Safety and make suggestions and recommendations for modifications and improvements.


One or more students from each of the three colleges (CLA, Law, Atkinson), one or more professors, one or more staff members, and the director of Campus Safety.

Scope of Work

Committee members meet and discuss the operations of the Office of Campus Safety.  Members and express concerns and/or make recommendations about programs or activities that should be added or modified.

Frequency of Meetings

Meetings are generally twice a month during the academic year.  Meeting times are arranged among the membership to determine a mutually agreeable time.

Channels of Reporting

Senior vice-president for administration and finance (Monica Rimai)

Membership for the 2017-2018 Academic Year 

You may contact the committee at:, or contact any member individually to express an opinion or concern.