National Fellowships

Programs for Funding Undergraduate/Graduate Students from Minority or Multicultural Backgrounds

This is only a select listing of many scholarships and fellowship opportunities available to students of color. There are a lot of programs out there, and some time searching the web may be time well spent; be sure to check the SAGA website's lists organized by area of interest, and the list of national scholarships for which a university nomination is required.

Mexican-American Legal Defense & Education Fund Law School Scholarship
For Mexican-American students entering their second or third year of law school.

National Academies Fellowships Office
Fellowships for researchers in Academic, Federal, Industrial and International workforces.

Project 1000
Funding for students from minorities and other underrepresented groups.

The Ventures in Education Scholarship Program
Coordinates opportunities for underrepresented minorities in foundations and organizations, in the biological and agricultural sciences.

United Negro College Fund (UNCF) Merck Science Initiative
Funding for African-Americans interested in biomedical science education and research.