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"[The Carpe Diem] Foundation was established pursuant to the direction of Mabel E. Greenspon who died on March 21, 2001. The sole sources of funding are the proceeds of the Mabel E. Greenspon Charitable Remainder Trust.

Her instructions were that upon her death, a charitable foundation was to be established to identify and assist students and teachers who were most likely to improve the quality of human life.

Mrs. Greenspon sought to identify students who were not being adequately served by existing scholarship programs. She felt that exceptional students from poor families were served by the existing "need based" grant and loan programs that are offered by every major institution. The class of individuals whom she felt most needed assistance were individuals from families that had chosen to work in public service and accumulated some assets. These students don't qualify for "need based" grants, yet their families are not financially able to provide these exceptional students with opportunities commensurate with their abilities. Mrs. Greenspon believed that families should not be penalized for choosing public service careers. She also believed that by providing opportunities for exceptional individuals, she could make a difference in the world. She made many such gifts during her lifetime and sought to have her good works continue after her death. The Foundation will be guided in accordance with her principles." ~Website

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