Meet Willamette's Kemper Scholars: Anel Venegas

I applied for the Kemper Scholarship during my Winter Break of 2011. While having multiple renewable scholarships, I wondered how I was going to supplement for the non-renewable scholarships I had received the previous year. Growing up in a low-income home, money was always tight and spending money did not exist. My siblings and I went “shopping” for clothes at the local garage sales around town. For us, walking from garage sales to yard sales was as normal as any other person shopping at a mall. Walking around to all those “mini stores,” like I used to call them, I wondered how amazing it would be to run one of my own. Through that experience was where my passion for business grew. Reading through the information about the Kemper Scholarship Foundation I knew it was a program for me and decided to apply. I loved the idea of getting to work with non- and for-profit businesses. To be able to break down the business world into all these departments and see how they all work together in bringing success to the company. That was motivation enough for me to apply. It was not until after I received the acceptance e-mail that I started realizing what an amazing opportunity this had turned into. This summer I was flew to Chicago, making my journey for the first time through an airplane. I had not traveled via airplane before, which alone was a new experience. This summer’s Kemper Scholarship Conference, was a great sneak-peak of the wonderful experiences this scholarship will offer. I look forward to living in Chicago next summer for that will the first time I will be living in such a big city, having grown up in a small in Oregon. I am currently learning more about the scholarship as the days go by and as I receive more information from the wonderful and active staff of the Kemper Scholarship Foundation. I strongly encourage any student interested in business of any sort to apply for this scholarship. The opportunities and experiences this scholarship offers are endless. Ranging from internships to many different companies to living in downtown Chicago. It may seem a little unrealistic at first, but trust me, after you have talked to all the other current and former Kemper scholars it is pretty evident that this foundation has your interests in mind.