Internal Scholarships

Centers of Academic Excellence Grant Programs

Campus Deadline: Varies from program to program. Please consult each program's website for its deadline

Center for Asian Studies: Faculty & Student Joint Research Award for Faculty -led project
For a faculty-led project: each student may apply for up to $1,500 depending on the budget, and the faculty may apply up to $4,000 for a Faculty Research Award.

Center for Asian Studies: Faculty & Student Joint Research Award for Faculty-advised project
For a faculty-advised project: aach student may apply up to $3,000 Student Award depending on the budget, and the faculty member may be awarded up to $1,000.

Center for Asian Studies: "Excellence in an Asian Studies Course"
For language students in Japanese and Chinese: 7 awards, $200 each (2008-2009).
For non-language Asian studies courses: 7 awards, $200 each.

Center for Asian Studies: Student Awards for Summer Project
Students may apply for up to $3,000.00 for their summer research projects or intensive language study programs in Asian countries. Projects and intensive language study within the US may also be considered.

Center for Ancient Studies and Archaeology: Student Internship in Museology at the Hallie Ford Museum of Art
This internship represents a full-time commitment - 40/hours per week for 8 weeks. It involves working at the museum on a variety of projects as well as undertaking an independent research project with a specific outcome. Student Honorarium: $2,500. Faculty Advisor Stipend: $500.

Center for Ancient Studies and Archaeology: The Carl S. Knopf Award for the Best Student Paper on the Ancient World
Bestowed annually on the Willamette student who has written the best term paper (i.e., not a senior thesis) dealing with the ancient world.

Center for Ancient Studies and Archaeology: Field School Grants
Grants of up to $2500. These grants are to help enable Willamette University undergraduate participation in archaeological field schools, excavation or survey projects.

Center for Religion, Law and Democracy: Student Summer Internship Grants and Best Student Paper Award
Provides grants up to $3000 fpr internships and a $500 for the best seminar, term paper or senior thesis paper.

Center for Sustainable Communities: Fred Wert Collaborative Research in Sustainability Grant
Provides a total of $4000 ($3000 student, $1000 faculty) for a collaborative research project in sustainability, combining student research with faculty collaboration.

Center for Sustainable Communities: Pearson-Chapin Student Sustainability Research Award
The cash prize will be awarded to the best graduate and undergraduate student sustainability research project completed during the academic year.