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College Colloquium Student Research Grant

Campus Deadline: February 18, 2017

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College Colloquium Student Research Grants offer Willamette undergraduates the opportunity to undertake a scholarly, creative, or professional research project during the summer between their first and second years. Approximately six grants of up to $3,500 are available each year. Students may apply for these competitive grants only as first-year students. Projects must be related to the subject of the applicant's College Colloquium. Projects may be creative and artistic, literary, investigative, interdisciplinary, and performative. Recent Colloquium grant recipients have:

  • Made a documentary film about Rwanda's efforts to recover from genocide
  • taught photography to children in South Africa as part of an exploration of art as a political force
  • developed an environmental curriculum for area high school students focused on local resource use issues
  • examined Virginia Woolf's treatment of relationships through a close reading of novels including To the Lighthouse and Mrs. Dalloway
  • investigated weighted pebbling numbers of graphs and theorems concerning them
  • analyzed the debates over Female Genital Cutting as a discourse about cultural sensitivity

Copies of successful program proposals and final project reports are available online in Willamette's Academic Commons at

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