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Welcome to Scheduling at Willamette University

Through Virtual EMS (VEMS) University Students, Faculty, and Staff can view available locations, request campus facilities, and track their event status in real-time. To access the new and improved scheduling request forms, please follow the link to Virtual EMS (VEMS). From there simply log in to VEMS using your Willamette username and password. Then under the “Reservations” tab select the “General Scheduling Request” form. Further directions may be found either online in the VEMS Information Section or through the Scheduling, Events, & Conferences Office at x6659 or x5442.

We encourage you to use Virtual EMS for your recurring weekly or monthly meetings, one time events, and for planning purposes. While new forms are available in VEMS, the existing Scheduling Request Forms below will remain active in January for students and staff while the office of Scheduling, Events, & Conferences finalizes the other existing forms for department or student group use. All requests, whether submitted through VEMS or through the previous forms, will be reviewed by the Scheduling Office with confirmations sent to the responsible group or department.

From dances and department meetings to lectures and study sessions, all of our scheduled activities require certain pieces of information to coordinate. These forms will help provide us the information we need to provide the locations and support that you need. Please review the following forms and pick the one best suited for your activity. If any assistance is needed to determine a best form to use, please call the office of Scheduling, Events, & Conferences at 503-375-5442 and department staff will be able to walk you though the process.

A notification will be sent to you when the Scheduling, Events, & Conferences office has received your request. Only after an official confirmation notice has been sent will an activity be included on the schedule. Please read the entire confirmation message, as event or activity specific details will be included in that message that may require your attention. Please also note that while a particular space may be available during your requested timeframe, this does not guarantee support services for that activity. The more accurate the information in your request, the faster a final confirmation can be provided to you.

The Scheduling, Events, & Conferences office is open Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm to answer any of your questions. Given the number of requests we receive each day, please allow 24 business hours for a response to your initial request. Please note that while a best effort will be made to attend to requests on the day they are received, those requests submitted on Friday may not be addressed until the following Monday.

Scheduling Request Forms:

For On-Campus Users, Scheduling Request Form

For Official University activities, including academic classes and the activities of student organizations, hosted groups, and sponsored professional organizations, please complete the Scheduling Request Form. Please use your Willamette Username and Password to login to Virtual EMS (VEMS). Once submitted, the Office of Scheduling, Events, & Conferences will process the request and issue a confirmation for your use of University facilities.

For our guests:

Businesses and organizations requesting to host non-university activities on campus may make inquiries about facilities and availability either by email to or by telephone to our main office line. A representative of the Scheduling, Events, & Conferences office will respond to your inquirty with availability information, a quote for your activity, and provide you with resources to move your activity forward.

Zena Forest Request Form

Advance permission to access Zena Forest is required. If you would like to request to use the forest/farm, you must submit that request at least 5 days in advance of the requested date.

Event Forms:

Alcohol Request Form

If alcohol service will be part of your on-campus or university sanctioned event, you must submit this form at least 12 business days prior to the event date. For more information on University's Alcohol Policy, click here.

Cat Cavern Closure Request Form

The Cat is a designated food service facility between the hours of 8:00am and 2:00pm, Monday through Friday. Most events scheduled during these times can take place in other campus locations. Nonetheless, if you feel that the Cat Cavern is the only appropriate location for your event and it falls between the Cat's normal hours of operation, you will need submit this form for approval. Completed forms may be e-mailed to For more information, please read the Cat Cavern Closure Policy.

Event Classification/Waiver Request Form

If you are not sure what category of event the activity you are planning falls into, or you would like to request a fee waiver or reduction, you can fill out this form and submit it to For more information on event categories, please refer to the General Policy

Other Forms:

Credit Card Authorization Form

If you would like to pay for the rental of university facilities via credit or debit, you may fill out this form and submit it to or call the Office of Scheduling, Events & Conferences at 503-375-5442. Please allow 3-5 business days for credit card payment processing.

Thetford Lodge Drawing Form

Thetford Lodge is only available for use by University faculty, staff and student groups. Reservations can be made by submitting a drawing form at the office of Scheduling, Events & Conferences by noon on the following dates: September 1st for the fall semester, January 1st for the spring semester and May 1st for summer use. Reservations are assigned through a lottery facilitated by the University Events Committee. For more information about the Lodge, click here.