Cat Cavern Closure Policy

Numerous requests to close the Cat Cavern during the day are received each year. Since Cat Cavern is dedicated to use as a food service facility from 8 a.m. - 2 p.m. each workday it is not normally closed during operating hours. Closure causes a difficult financial loss to the University and also increases the congestion and inconvenience in the lunch traffic at Goudy Commons.

Cat Closures are limited to 15 per academic year. One closure per month is reserved for Classified Council luncheons. If the Classified Council does not use all ten of those reserved closures, the closures return to the pool of available closures. The five remaining closures that are not reserved for the Classified Council, and any closures not used by the Classified Council, form a pool of available closures. Requests for closures will be considered by the University Facilities and Events Committee upon receipt of a completed Cat Cavern Closure Request form. Please note that each Dean and Vice President is allowed one closure per year until the total of 15 closures is reached. Requests for closures that fall outside the academic calendar will also come before the University Facilities and Events Committee, but fall outside of the 15-closure limit. Closures are granted not on a first-come-first-served basis, but upon University priority.

Whenever possible, events that will close the Cat should be scheduled on a Monday or Friday.

A Cat Closure Request Form must be submitted no less than one month prior to the event and approved by the University Facilities and Events Committee.