Campus Safety Policy

  1. When planning a daytime event for off-campus guests, groups of less than 30 people must be sent visitor parking permits. Permits must be filled out with: your name and department phone number and the date the permit is to be used. You may not know the names and license plates of the invited guests so you need to request that the guest fill in that part. Please stress that in order for the permit to be valid it must be completely filled out.
  2. In-coming guests should be made aware that parking is unavailable from 8:30 a.m. to 2 p.m.
  3. If an arriving group needs to load and unload people and/or property, they will need to contact Campus Safety to make arrangements for this.
  4. According to the Student Handbook on posting policies-signs, posters and banners may not be placed on the exteriors of any of the following: academic or administrative building, lamp post, trees, bridges, etc. This includes the use of chalk on buildings and sidewalks.

People and organizations may receive permission to post announcements on the exteriors of the University Center and residence halls with prior approval. For permission to post announcements at the University Center contact the Office of Student Activities at (503) 370-6463. For permission to post announcements in residence halls, contact the Office or Residence Life at (503) 370-6212.