Vendor Policy

Willamette University allows off-campus and on-campus groups to use space in the George Putnam University Center building (and by consensus Jackson and Goudy Plazas) under the following conditions.

Who May Reserve Space

The following categories of users may reserve space:


  • Student Organizations - Any recognized Willamette University club or group on campus.
  • Student Craftsperson's - Willamette University students selling hand-made and/or unique goods.
  • Other Student Vendors - Willamette University students selling non-craft items.

Recruiters: Organizations, sponsored by Career Services or the Office of the Chaplain, who are recruiting students for employment or graduate school.

Other Vendors:

  • "Craftsperson" - Individuals not associated with Willamette University who sell hand-made and/or unique goods.
  • Other - Other solicitors. Please note that Credit Card and telephone card solicitors are not allowed whether scheduled individually or sponsored by an on campus group.

What May Be Reserved

Two tables are provided on the first floor of the University Center or in Jackson Plaza:

  1. One table is designated for Student Organizations [and may be reserved only by student organizations].
  2. One table is designated for Recruiters. If no recruiter or student organization has reserved this space, it may be used by outside vendors.

Two tables are available in Goudy Commons for student organization use only. Use is restricted to approved tables only. Tables may not be moved from the Great Room or other Goudy locations.

How to Reserve

Student organizations and vendors wishing to reserve a space in the University Center must submit a scheduling request online here. Recruiters must contact Career Services (503) 370-6213, to ensure compliance with other university policies.

Reservation Charges


  • Student Organizations/Class Projects: No charge
  • Student Craftsperson's/Student Vendors: $35 per day, a 4' x2' rack (to be provided by vendor) is allowed

Recruiters: No charge

Other Vendors: $100 (1 table/day.) For an additional $10 per day, a 4' x 2' rack (to be provided by vendor) is allowed.

Vendor Policies

The following policies apply to users of the vendor space:

  1. Payment must be received by the Office of Scheduling, Events, and Conferences prior to space being confirmed for all vendors. A valid credit card number must be given at the time of reservation to hold the reservation until payment is received or until payment made to the Information Center staff at check-in time.
  2. Cancellation of reservations for tables must be made at least two (2) business days prior to the date scheduled. If no cancellation is received, payment will not be returned (except due to inclement weather.)
  3. All vendors are requested to check-in with the Information Center in the University Center to verify their reservation and to be shown the space they have been assigned.
  4. Vendors are limited to one table provided by the University Center; also allowed is one rack provided by vendor no more than 4' x 2' (8 square feet total.) Racks are allowed only on the rectangular vendor table.
  5. Vendors and/or crafts-persons cannot be in violation of the educational mission of the University.
  6. All vendors must fully disclose the terms and conditions of the product(s) or service(s) which they are representing. Credit card, long distance phone card solicitors, or bank promotions are not allowed.
  7. Vendors may receive a reservation confirmation and a copy of the Vendor Policy from the Information Center.
  8. As a general policy, food and drink are not allowed to be sold or dispensed in the first floor lobby. However, campus organizations are allowed to sell food items for fund-raising purposes. Such items must be prepared in an inspected kitchen or be clearly marked that they were prepared in a non-inspected kitchen.
  9. Vendors or student organizations who sell items similar to those sold through the Willamette Store must have their product cleared for sale through the Willamette Store Manager. Vendors are not allowed during "Book Buy-Back" each semester.
  10. Use of the Willamette Store display window is not allowed.
  11. Any violations of the Vendor Use Policy or misconduct by vendors should be reported to the Information Center.
    • Vendors will first be asked to comply with University policies.
    • Further violations of the policy or further misconduct will result in permanent dismissal from the campus.
  12. Vendors must remain behind their table and cannot pass out flyers other than at their table.
  13. Use of a vendor table is restricted to five (5) days in a row.