Wedding Policy

Cone Chapel in Waller Hall was dedicated on October 29, 1989 for the worship of God and for the presentation of the Church's heritage. It is available throughout the year for weddings of Willamette University students, faculty, staff, and the general public. Cone Chapel is not available during winter break when the campus is closed (between Christmas and New Years). The chapel works best for simple ceremonies and may not be the desired location for elaborate weddings (The chapel holds 300 people).


University staff wishes to make weddings held in Cone Chapel a special event for the families involved. Initial planning as to date and time should be coordinated with the Office of Scheduling, Events, & Conferences.

The Ceremony and Officiating Pastor

It is not necessary for the University Chaplain to officiate at weddings held in Cone Chapel; if the University Chaplain is to officiate, several sessions of premarital counseling will be arranged. The purpose of these sessions is to assist you in the preparing for the challenge of marriage, as well as to work out many of the details of the wedding.


The 24-rank, tracker action Bishop Family Organ is available for musical accompaniment at weddings. In accordance with the policy established regarding use of the organ (available upon request), the University organ instructor must be asked first by the wedding party to serve as organist for the wedding at the fee established by the organ use policy. If, for any reason, the organ instructor declines to play at the wedding, it is the responsibility of the wedding party to procure the services of another qualified organist who is approved to use the organ; this person must be approved by the University organist. In such a case, the organist may arrange with the Office of Scheduling, Events, & Conferences and the Office of the Chaplain one two-hour practice session at no charge.

Cone Chapel is also equipped with a baby grand piano, which cannot be moved. It is the responsibility of the wedding couple to provide a pianist should one be desired. Should the pianist wish to have the piano tuned prior to the wedding, the Office of the Chaplain will make the necessary arrangements at the wedding party's expense.


Much of the beauty of Cone Chapel is in its simplicity. A minimum of decoration is needed. A Facilities Support staff must approve all decorating plans.

Flowers may be delivered to the chapel or to a prearranged location on the day of the wedding. You will need to make arrangements with the Office of Scheduling, Events, & Conferences for delivery if not during regular university hours.

Absolutely no nails, thumbtacks or tape of any kind are to be used anywhere in Cone Chapel as they may damage surfaces. Bows or flowers may be tied to the ends of the pews or hung with pew clips. Any pew clips or flower stands must be provided by the wedding party. A Facilities Support staff must approve any other means of hanging decorations from the pews. Flowers, decorations, and personal items must be removed from the chapel and dressing rooms immediately following the ceremony.


A Unity candle is the only candle allowed, and with permission from the Office of Scheduling, Events and Conferences may be placed on the altar as long as the altar and paraments are protected from any possibility of wax dripping or splattering on them. The wedding party will be responsible for any damage done to the chapel by candles. Lighted candles are not to be carried to the altar during the service.

Building Use Policies

In compliance with University policy, smoking is not permitted in any part of Waller Hall including Cone Chapel. Throwing of rice, confetti, etc., inside the building is not permitted. Birdseed thrown outside of Waller Hall as the couple exits is permissible. Flower petals may be thrown by a flower girl during the ceremony if an aisle runner has been laid down, if the petals are artificial, and if arrangements have been made to clean them up following the ceremony. Food and beverages, including alcohol, may not be served or consumed in Waller Hall including Cone Chapel without written permission from the appropriate University officials. Additional details may be obtained from the Office of Scheduling, Events & Conferences.

Dressing Rooms

Depending on availability, a nearby classroom may be used as a dressing room. Availability of classrooms during the academic year is extremely limited.


Arrangements for parking in locations on campus other than designed University parking lots must be arranged with Campus Safety no less than five (5) business days prior to the wedding. If you wish to park in a University parking lot during business hours, please contact the Office of Scheduling, Events and Conferences to arrange for parking permits. Please remember that parking spaces designed as "reserved" retain that designation at all times, including weekends and over University holiday periods. If you are having a limousine or a horse and carriage be sure to contact the Office of Campus Safety.

Certificate of Insurance

The wedding couple must provide the Office of Scheduling, Events and Conferences with proof of liability insurance for the event. The minimum limit of liability coverage will be one million dollars. The policy should cover spectators and participants and should name the University as an additional insured. The University must receive the policy no later than thirty days prior to the wedding.


Catering on the Willamette University campus is contracted through Bon Appetit. Food and beverages are not allowed in Cone Chapel, however catering may be arranged in the dressing room or to a location outside of the Chapel.

Rehearsal Dinners / Receptions

Rehearsal dinners and receptions catered by Bon Appetit may be scheduled during the summer months, depending on availability of banquet facilities. Contact the Office of Scheduling, Events, and Conferences for locations, availability, fees, and policies.


Rehearsal and wedding dates will be considered reserved when the contract is signed and returned with a 50% payment. Full payment must be received no later than 60 days prior to the wedding date.

Basic Facility Fees

Includes use of Cone Chapel and one dressing room for a total of 2 hours for rehearsal, and 4 hours for decorating, photography and the wedding itself. One staff person will be on duty in the building during these times.

General public - $800
Willamette University alumni receive a 20% discount - $640
Willamette University faculty, students, staff, and their children - $500

Additional Time Needed - $50/hour
Any time needed in the building beyond the designated hours will be granted based on availability. One staff person will be on duty in the building during these times.

Pastor's Fee
To be charged only if a Willamette University Chaplain officiates. The fee is payable directly to him/her at the rehearsal.

Organist's Fee
To be charged only if Dr. Klemme plays. The fee is payable directly to him at the rehearsal.

Damages - Variable
Extraordinary cleaning costs and/or the cost to repair any damage to the university facilities resulting from improper use of decorations or negligence will be the responsibility of the wedding party.

University Numbers

Office of Scheduling, Events and Conferences - (503) 375-5442
Office of the Chaplain - (503) 370-6213
Campus Safety - (503) 370-6911
Facilities Support - (503) 370-6549
Bon Appetit Catering - (503) 370-6711
University Organist, Dr. Paul Klemme - (503) 362-3661 (St. Paul's Episcopal Church office)