Thetford Lodge Guidelines

Thetford Lodge is a unique University resource that was given to Willamette in 1963 by former Governor of Oregon, Charles Sprague. This retreat gives Willamette the opportunity to advance the University's education mission in a beautiful, serene setting. In an effort to most effectively use the facility, the following policy has been adopted to govern the use of Thetford Lodge.

Guidelines for Use

Who May Use

  • Academic groups for classes, meetings or study purposes.
  • Administrative groups for staff meetings or retreats.
  • Student groups for co-curricular purposes if sponsored by an academic or administrative department or
  • Registered University Student groups accompanied for the duration of usage by a full-time member of the Faculty or Staff.
  • Faculty, administrative and staff members (and their families) for rest and renewal when no University group has reserved the Lodge.


The cost to individuals, departments and offices, or registered student groups for renting the lodge is $60.00 per day use or $60.00 per night. University groups will be charged via Journal Entry for use of Thetford. Individuals are required to pay by cash or check for the amount of their entire stay at the time they pick up the key. Reservations canceled fewer than six working days prior to the stay will require full payment unless the reserved time is rented to another approved University user.

Maximum Stay

Thetford Lodge use is limited to two nights per academic year for student groups and three nights per fiscal year for faculty, administrators, and staff members (and their immediate families).

Limit on Group Size

The maximum number of overnight guests is limited to 16. The maximum number of day guests is limited to 25.

Alcohol Policy

Alcohol is only permitted at a University sponsored event if an Alcohol Use Request Form has been submitted and approved by the University Events Committee. Alcohol is allowed at Thetford when employees and their families are using Thetford for personal retreat, and must be used in a responsible and prudent manner, in accordance with State law.

Smoking Policy

Smoking is not permitted inside Thetford Lodge.


Reservations are confirmed based on a lottery drawing each session. Reservations for use by a student group must be made by the employee who will be accompanying the trip and responsible for the group while at Thetford. Reservations can be made by submitting a drawing form by noon on the following dates: September 1st for the fall semester, January 1st for the spring semester, and May 1st for summer use to the office of Scheduling, Events, & Conferences.

Canceled reservations will be offered to groups and individuals who have added their names to a Thetford e-mail group. The mailgroup list is available on your designated internal webpage for opting-in. If you need assistance the Scheduling, Events, & Conferences office can help guide you through the opt-in process. Acceptance of canceled reservations will not count against a group's or an individual's maximum number of use days per year. Any user may only pickup an additional 4 days from canceled reservations. Reservations canceled less than six working days prior to the date of arrival will be charged unless the Lodge is rented to another party.

Issuance of Key

The day before Lodge use, the person who made the reservation can check out a key from Scheduling, Events, & Conferences staff. At that time, they will also receive an Information Form, a User Agreement, and the cleaning kit, along with a key for the facility. The key, cleaning kit, and completed Information form must be returned the next business day after leaving the Lodge. Keys not returned in a timely fashion are subject to penalty.

Check-Out Time

All users must be out of the Lodge by 4 p.m. on their day of check-out. Users may check in at 5 p.m.


Users will be assessed charges for any damage, vandalism, or extraordinary cleaning and maintenance resulting form their use of the Lodge. This includes garbage removal. The University also reserves the right to deny future use of the Lodge to users who have been assessed such charges or who did not abide by the procedures outlined in this policy. Because all policies currently in force at Willamette University apply to Thetford Lodge, users may be subject to other penalties as prescribed elsewhere.